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Having grown up and lived in Belfast all my life, I graduated as a Graphic Designer in 2015. I have a love for all things typography, branding, adverting and print design. I love solving all kinds of briefs big or small. During my studies I worked with a creative team in Belfast gaining valuable industry experience.

Family is a Gift

A very emotional heartbreaking Christmas advert. Christmas is about more than just presents under the tree.


BBC Ones Christmas trail highlights the importance of family.


Refuge launches reversible Christmas poems

Each advertisement features a poem that conjures up a cosy picture of family life at Christmas. But, when read from the bottom up, the lines reveal the horror of a household living with domestic violence.

Holidays Are Coming

The 2018 Holidays Are Coming

Our iconic Holidays Are Coming Christmas campaign is back! This year it’s packed full of surprises and a sprinkling of extra magic…

The iconic Coca-Cola Holidays Are Coming advert is back for 2018! It features the same great music and format you know and love. However, eagle-eyed viewers will notice the addition of some new, magical scenes…

The 2018 campaign features a range of exciting new partnerships to breathe new life into the classic ad. This includes working with The Kingdom Choir – who have recorded a special version of the famous Holidays are Coming song.


With only 4 weeks until the big day. Isn’t this the most perfect holiday sweet treat you have ever seen? Taking a shape that anyone would recognize, the snowflake, these adorable chocolates are just in time for the holidays. Zoo Studio designed the packaging to feel festive but also advertise the premium product inside.No two snowflakes are the same, and indeed, the chocolates and packaging combine to make a unique experience for each consumer. While the chocolates may be made from the same mold, as implied by the packaging designs, each one will inevitably be a little different, even in the smallest way. The repetitive designs are perfectly suited for the holidays, but by avoiding traditional holiday colors Snowmold appeals to a wider audience. Black, blue, yellow, pink—these hues combine with the snowflake shape to create a modern and premium chocolate for the holidays.61fffe30903423.563891f6f0bf9.jpg