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Having grown up and lived in Belfast all my life, I graduated as a Graphic Designer in 2015. I have a love for all things typography, branding, adverting and print design. I love solving all kinds of briefs big or small. During my studies I worked with a creative team in Belfast gaining valuable industry experience.

Helvetica Now

“Helvetica Now is the tummy-tuck, facelift and lip filler we’ve been wanting, but were too afraid to ask for,” said Abbott Miller, Partner at Pentagram. “It offers beautifully drawn alternates to some of Helvetica’s most awkward moments, giving it a surprisingly thrillingly contemporary character.”

The Helvetica Now typeface is available in three optical sizes – Micro, Text and Display. Helvetica Now Micro solves the decades-old spacing and legibility shortcomings of single-master versions of the family at the smallest sizes (4- to 7-points). It also offers more open apertures, wider forms, a larger x-height, open spacing, larger accents, optical adjustments to the shapes of complex forms, and a number of other changes to produce a highly-legible font at very small sizes.

Helvetica Now Display, meanwhile, provides a range of weights from Hairline to Extra Black, with appropriate spacing, for 14-point settings and up. Big, bold, attention-grabbing Helvetica no longer requires the trimming of characters, manual adjustment of spacing and kerning, or the resizing and repositioning of punctuation necessary with the legacy versions.

Helvetica Now Text is a true workhorse, and comes in a range of weights from Thin to Black with carefully combed spacing and kerning. Helvetica Now Text is easy and pleasing to read, and an ample palette for demanding information-rich design environments.


Hagi Baby packages

6e40b565117679.5ae971e379ecc.jpg“Packaging for Hagi Baby—natural handmade cosmetics for babies. The project includes the packaging design for a series of creams. Hagi Cosmetics is a brand driven by respect and a love of nature. The products are manufactured on a small scale, with no additives and a clean process. The design combines drawings of animals with simple, minimalist typography. Overall, the visual language tells the story of natural and safe products for children in a modern, clean language.”e9035465117679.5af2e3e98bb03.gifDesigned By: Podpunkt

Get Raw rebrand


Sweden-based agency Snask redesigned the branding and packaging for GET RAW, a health bar brand that aims to provide a wholesome approach to snacking.

“GET RAW is a health bar that is organic, vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. They contacted us and asked us to do a full rebrand to modernize their visual identity and tone of voice. With no empty calories, bland flavours or pointers to fad diets we felt that it was a great product that needed to become more interesting and better looking.”0bf5ea66215969.5b0e96476559b.jpgd077ae66215969.5b0e964761a29.jpg

Pentagram rebrand Hay Festival

Designed by Marina Willer, the new identity centres on a colourful tree symbol which represents the different branches of work that the festival’s organisers carry out today.

Already a well-established brand, Pentagram Partner Marina Willer was tasked with helping the team behind Hay Festival to better express visually what they do on a daily basis.

Willer has created an over-arching brand identity that spans the various locations and channels which are now a key part of the festival, as well as renaming the overall brand as Hay Festival.

Studio Jimbo

Studio Jimbo is a creative and aesthetic design studio based in Paris, France. It was founded in 2014 and is directed by Jimbo Barbu.

The studio focuses on projects in the fields of editorial design, branding, illustration and visual identity for music, fashion and business.The Peacock Society Festival 2019 posters.
Art direction and graphic design by Studio JimboThe Peacock Society Festival 2019 posters.

Studio Jimbo for Blaze typeface, 2019.Studio Jimbo for Blaze typeface, 2019.

Design Studio Jimbo, 2018.Design Studio Jimbo, 2018.

Studio Jimbo 2017Studio Jimbo 2017

Summer Suburbs poster, Studio Jimbo 2017.Summer Suburbs poster, Studio Jimbo 2017.

Studio Jimbo, solo show poster.
Vernissage on Feb.8 2017, 6pm at Le Bar à Bulles Paris 18.Studio Jimbo,  solo show poster, 2017



Ikea gets disability

In an important step for the retailer, some of its best-selling products including the Billy Bookcase and Karlstad Sofa now include optional add-ons that make them easier to use if you have a disability.

Ikea Israel has teamed up with two disability charities, Milbat and Access Israel, on its latest initiative, a series of add-ons to make its products more user-friendly for disabled people.

ThisAbles is based on research carried out by the charities and the retailer, which looked at what people with disabilities need in their home environments.

Ikea has developed 12 different hacks for some of its most popular products, such as a ‘glass bumper’ which stops wheelchairs from knocking into the glass on its Billy Bookcase, or a ‘mega switch’ which slides over the base of a Ranarp Lamp, making it easier to turn on and off.

Customers can download and 3D print any of the add-ons from the ThisAbles site, as shown in the campaign’s demo video by McCann Tel Aviv.


Never work with children or animals?

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland have two main sites: Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park. Very different visitor experiences. 

RZSS provide visitors with fun, captivating and memorable experiences through active interpretation and personal engagement wrapped up in a sense of play. Inspired by the animals that they see and the conversations these provoke their aim is for young visitors to take that ‘empathy to action’ journey on their own terms, using mechanisms that appeal specifically to them.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 10.34.45.pngScreen Shot 2019-03-15 at 13.10.01.png

To help meet this aim the RZSS. Tandem have developed a family-focused interpretation toolkit to use across a range of platforms: an activity-based learning journey guide, on-site interpretation, digital interactives, wayfinding, marketing initiatives and merchandise. This scheme has been designed to help the RZSS connect better with younger visitors and their families. 

Central to the toolkit are two friends: Ruby & Zed. A creature from another Zooniverse and a girl from just down the road. Imbued with interpretive power, our two characters take young visitors on a secret mission full of challenges around the Zoo or Wildlife Park.RZSS8.jpg

European campaign

Featuring real-life labours and births, the European Parliament’s Choose Your Future film plays on our hopes and fears to encourage us to vote.

The subject matter is perhaps particularly pertinent for people in the UK, and doubtless the European Parliament had Brexit in mind when creating the campaign. According to them, a recent survey revealed that 80% of people believe that what unites Europeans is more important than what separates them. It also showed that many have worries or doubt regarding the future of Europe.

“The biggest act of hope and will to believe in a better future is putting a child into this world,” says Johan Køhler, Partner and Copywriter at & Co. “And this is not a political campaign. It’s not about who and what to vote for. It’s about why we vote and, in my mind, we vote because we have to deal with the challenges we face globally, unless we want to leave the coming generations worse off.”

Telegramme Paper Co.

TYPE_18_TEAMWORK_lo.jpgWith a joint love of fine paper goods and the lost joy of sending and receiving post, Bobby & Kate Evans started the now award winning Telegramme Paper Co. in London in 2014.

Now based out of their studio by the sea in Margate, they apply their unique illustration style to art prints, greetings cards, personalised gifts and stationery. As well as taking commissions from clients as varied as Penguin, Habitat, Random House, Vodafone, Warner music and Condé Nast.

They exhibit their artwork and products across Europe and the US, and are stocked in shops and galleries across the world, as well as selling from their own online store,


See more of there work here.