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Climate change kids book

Danish green energy firm Ørsted and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam have created the new book Is This My Home?, which aims to get kids thinking about climate change and features stunning illustrations by Yeji Yun.


Unforsaken Exhibition

The exhibition will come in two separate phases, with the first phase consisting of a large collage. By creating a giant mural, incorporating vintage book covers, framed magazine pages, blown up scans of the original material, screenprints and typography, Jimmy Turrell and Richard Turley want to explore the ideas of loss, re-birth and salvation.

The multi-layering of so many different elements will then be explored in a second phase (date tbc) when Turrell and Turley will transform the exhibition again by painting, collaging and drawing over the original pieces whilst also ripping into the original mural to reveal hidden meanings underneath.

Image result for Jimmy Turrell and designer Richard Turley

Jimmy Turrell & Richard Turley are taking over The Book Club in Shoreditch with their exhibition “Unforsaken”.  A free exhibition running 21st February till 16th May 2019

iPhone X ads

In quick succession, the brand has released two films emphasising different aspects of the iPhone X: the ability to unlock your phone with a look, and to pay for items with a glance.

Both of these new ads are at their heart product demos, though for decades now Apple has shown that demos don’t need to be dull. Stretching back to the brand’s early iPod ads, Apple has given us films which show off the clever features of its products in witty and charming ways. 

Director, Unlock: Dougal Wilson
Director, Fly Market: The Daniels

Anthony Gerace

Anthony Gerace has a knack for creating images that grab your attention and invite closer inspection. His project There Must Be More to Life Than This is an intriguing collection of tiled collages created using vintage ads. People Living – another collage series – combines photographs and lettering with colourful scraps of paper to striking effect.

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The ABCD announces book covers of the year.

Riot Days
By Marina Alyokhina
Designer: Tom Etherington
Art Director: Jim Stoddart
Imprint: Allen Lane

The Blot
By Jonathan Lethem
Designer: Jon Gray
Art Director: Suzanne Dean
Dark Pines
By Will Dean
Designer: Mark Swan
Imprint: Oneworld Publications
The shortlisted work in each 10 category is on the ABCD site, here

Spyscape brand

On New York’s 8th Avenue, a new museum rich with interactive experiences promises that the visitor will “see yourself and the world around you more clearly through the lens of spying”. We look at how a team of creative talent brought this ambitious new experience to life.

Led by Walter, SomeOne were appointed to work on the brand, developing the Question Everything tagline. Working with type designer Gareth Hague of Alias, SomeOne devised a visual identity scheme in which a bespoke typeface with three cuts plays with the notion of concealment, privacy and cryptography. “The typeface is unusual as it consists of three cuts that can be connected,” says Emily James, Project Lead Designer at SomeOne. “Two ‘redacted’ cuts show only part of the letterform, but often enough to distinguish what character it is. The third cut is a complete letterform that can either be used to hint at the remaining stroke, or used in its entirety for total clarity.”

Grenfell campaign

It is now eight months since a fire ripped through Grenfell Tower in West London, killing 71 people and leaving hundreds without a home.

An inquiry into the fire is still ongoing but as yet no arrests have been made and many of the building’s former residents are still awaiting permanent housing.

To remind people of the tragedy – and the need to seek justice for those affected – community organisation Justice 4 Grenfell has been driving three billboards around London that read: “71 deaths. No arrest. How come?”

The billboards were created by BBH Labs and inspired by the Oscar-nominated film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – about a mother who hires ad space to raise awareness about her daughter’s unsolved murder. (The billboards in the film feature the same black-and-red design and read: “Raped while dying. And still no arrests. How come, Chief Willoughby?”)

Billboards were driven past St Paul’s and the House of Parliament. Writing on its website, Justice 4 Grenfell said: “These three billboards are here to keep this tragedy in the national conscience, to make our voices heard.”

Many buildings around the UK are still awaiting replacement cladding (the fire at Grenfell is believed to have spread rapidly through the building as a result of cladding which contained a highly flammable material) and local councils have claimed that requests for money to fund refurbishments are not being met.