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Designer Scott Albrecht

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“My work is inspired by an ongoing observation of the situations happening around me, from the larger, shared experiences of our current events down to the more personal and intimate moments. I look at these experiences not in isolation from each other but as connected and often informing a larger conversation of how we are all connected. Through my work I reflect and distill those insights in an attempt to preserve those times or feelings during them. Because of this, I often see the final works as artifacts or reminders of what is taken away, and have come to use this perspective as a guide in my work — to create something worth being reminded of.

A large portion of my work focuses on typography through an abstracted perspective. In various ways letterforms are disguised or intentionally camouflaged to shift the viewer’s focus to the individual shapes within the characters, their relationships to one another and the overall mood of the work before uncovering the legibility of the message. It is intentional to not have the viewer read, but explore the ideas through more visual languages.” Scott Albrecht 


Social Science – Graphic Designers Surveyed

What happens when you survey UK- and US-based graphic designers and ask prying questions about life and work? Presented here are the responses, by turn fanatical, funny and frank, of 1,988 designers. Exhausted but enthusiastic, critical and creative, frustrated yet optimistic… their answers will surprise. One thing is certain – they really love graphic design and what it can do.

Examining their responses in collaboration with social scientist Nikandre Kopcke, we present new findings and re-evaluate age-old clichés about graphic design: from studio to household, from student to CEO, across gender, age and the Atlantic.Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 14.55.59Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 14.56.14

Graphic Designers Surveyed was designed by LucienneRoberts+ with more complex visualisations by data designer Stefanie Posavec.

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Orama Minimal Frames


Orama Minimal Frames reached out to creative agency, Roleplay to produce a high-end catalog for presentations with clients. The matte black packaging, topped with a glossy lettering throughout sets it over the top. 

“Orama Minimal Frames is a new entry in the international minimal window market. They asked for an elegant, portable display case targeted to their most important audience: architects. It offers a full presentation of their products and services along with various gems: a detachable tray contains a puzzle game with most of the system’s details for the customer to form their own frame solutions as well as a branded magnetic pencil.”


Red Earth Cosmetics


Toronto-based Concrete was responsible for the dynamic redesign for Red Earth, a cosmetics brand inspired by the free spirit of Australia.

The entire line was reinvented. The approach established a foundational palette of visual elements that could be used to create an array of dynamic package designs – all different, yet all tied together with a common attitude and visual vocabulary.


Zoom in

The Beautiful Meme explore the intersection of art and science in their campaign for a new exhibition at The Francis Crick Institute, featuring type created under a microscope…

Large c4f91898 c5e6 4b6e bd66 aba22278222bLondon-based creative studio The Beautiful Meme were commissioned to create a campaign for the exhibition, and embraced a similar collaborative methodology and range of scientific techniques in their approach to the brief, crafting type using microscopy and taking inspiration from the Institute’s own research.

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This can be anything from a wedding thank you card, baby announcement, an event invitation or even a flyer. Design can be A5 single sided or A6 double sided.
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Winner will be drawn at 4pm on 19th July.
Prize must be claimed before 31st December 2018. Please note that the prize does not include printing.
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Melbourne based design studio Mildred & Duck were approached to create an identity for Souk, a new bar and restaurant, that would visually interpret their modern take on Middle Eastern food.

The resulting logo, a playful interpretation of the way Arabic is read from right to left, has been used prominently throughout the space and becomes a part of the entire experience. Coupled with the the sub-mark, a modern take on the traditional evil eye, the resulting overall design by Mildred & Duck is a memorable and characterful visual identity that compliments the space and sprit of Souk.





Named after the Middle Eastern aubergine dish babaganoush, Baba G is a small rotisserie deli based in Johannesburg, South Africa, focusing on street food with a fusion of Afro-Mediterranean flavours.

Tutto Food Co. approached Johannesburg based freelance graphic designer and illustrator Shaun Hill to create the brand identity for their new restaurant, Baba G. The idea was to create something contemporary and quirky yet still pay homage to the Afro-Mediterranean roots the restaurant is based upon.


Eco-Friendly Men’s Grooming Line

All-natural, organic, eco-friendly and sustainable are terms that are frequently thrown around on products you’d find in the personal care section of any store. And yet, a majority of those products are still packaged in plastic and oftentimes include the kind of super-secret ingredients grown in an evil scientist’s laboratory.

And that’s why Wise’s line of men’s grooming products stand head and shoulders above the rest.


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