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Design studio Blackburn brands Walthamstow based company the pinter

The Walthamstow-based company ran a successful crowdfunding campaign earlier this year to launch The Pinter, a brewing unit that allows you to brew ten pints of fresh beer or cider from the comfort of your own home.ADVERTISING

Studio Blackburn was brought in to create a visual identity for the parent company, along with packaging for The Pinter and the refill Pinter Packs that are delivered to home-brewers across the country.

“The Pinter is truly a world-first – never before could you brew fresh beer at home in around four days and enjoy a genuinely great tasting draught pint,” says Paul Blackburn, who heads up the studio.

“Our design challenge was to effectively define an entirely new category in the world of brewing – conveying the freshness of the end product and innovative technology that delivers it.”Video Player

Branding for Greater Good Fresh Brewing

Hylo sports branding

London agency Otherway has designed the branding, which is intended to live between the worlds of sport and sustainability. It’s noticeably minimalist, sporting a sans serif logo and accompanying typeface, and a bolt-shaped motif that Otherway says represents the power of nature, as well as the speed and lightness of Hylo’s first shoe.

“We had conversations early on about colour or detailing, especially around branding,” Otherway founder Jono Holt. “To get that pop of colour we’d have to use an artificial dye. That extra piece of detailing needs a different supply chain. They ended up being stripped back because the design has to be simple for the supply chain to be simple, for the sustainability and responsibility of the product.”

Ikea sleep ads

The posters follow the brand’s recent ad, which provided a prequel to the classic tale of the tortoise and the hare, and continue its message of the value of a good night’s sleep

Creative: Mother
Production company: The Miss Jones Agency
Photographer: Amy Currell
Stylist: Amy Friend
Modelmaking: Andy Knight Ltd

McDonald’s ad for Moving Day

Moving house is hard work, with one of the main goals being the moment when you’ve finally got inside your new property and can enjoy a takeaway meal to celebrate. This will be a familiar feeling the world over, but is particularly pertinent in Quebec, Canada, where traditionally most residential leases come to an end on the same day, July 1.

This means an average of over 100K households in the province pack their belongings and move into their new homes on what Quebecers refer to as ‘Moving Day’. Tapping into this event was a recent campaign from McDonald’s Canada, created by Cossette ad agency, which repurposes the contents of moving vans to look like McDonald’s meals, which can be ordered via McDelivery.

The posters also aim to tell different Moving Day stories, which helped define the objects that were featured: The fries execution was inspired by a young man moving into his first apartment in a trendy Montreal neighborhood; the Big Mac execution featured a family with kids moving into a suburban home; and the Egg McMuffin spot highlighted a young couple moving into their first home.

Candy aimed at grown-ups!

Editorial photograph

There aren’t many joys as pure and unadulterated as a tasty piece of candy. That feeling of bliss when all those simple carbs and deliciously sweet notes hit the tongue, most of which we first experience as children, fades away as we get older. Some of that is over health and diet concerns, of course, but also because most candy is flavored with artificial ingredients and developed in a lab. 

A lot of those sweets also get made for an audience of kids, not the more sophisticated palates that we develop as we enter adulthood.

Mayssa Chehata saw a need for a candy that was low in sugar and carbs with more refined flavors that was more of a throwback to childhood without feeling overtly kid-centric. This led her to start Behave, a new candy brand that aims to deliver guilt-free sweets with more grown-up flavors. 

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Chehata brought in celebrity chef and sweets expert Elizabeth Falkner to develop from these evolved takes on the childhood favorite gummy bear from the ground up. Chef Falkner went beyond standard gummy fair with flavors such as lychee, passion fruit, and raspberry. Each bag contains 3g of sugar, 6g net carbs, and only 90 calories. The gummies are also naturally sweetened with monk fruit.

To achieve Behave’s visual look and packaging, Chehata developed it alongside food specialists Gander, who also worked with brand Magic Spoon, who make healthier versions of kids’ breakfast cereal. Gander uses eye-searing blocks of neon colors to evoke feelings of nostalgia for childhood candy. Bold typography serves as the only embellishment over the neon panels, save for a giant gummy bear. The wordmark is also crossed-out, a call to defying convention and guilt.

Editorial photograph

Beautiful Brands

While a logo alone may be enough for smaller companies, a successful brand design will create a cohesive look throughout your business while representing your brand values. In addition to a logo, branding design can include marketing collateral, websites, menus, uniforms and even the physical business space. For inspiration on brand design, we’ve collected some excellent examples that will not only show you a variety of applications, but will also outline different branding approaches commonly used today.

Kreate brand design
Kreate brand design by goopanic
Brand design
The Golden House Of Gaea brand design by Yokaona
Brand design
Brighton & Brighton Beach ELC brand design by Studio Brave
Brand design
Danish Design Award brand design by Kontrapunkt
Brand design
For Kids by Kids brand design by torvs
Brand design
Zen Zero Artisan Gelato brand design by SpoonLancer

Beer brand Caravelle

Design studio Hey has worked with restaurant and brewery Caravelle on creating colourful packaging for its new range of craft beers. The Barcelona-based studio previously teamed up with Caravelle back in 2017 on its initial beer range, and was enlisted once again to help it flesh out the existing design system as the brewery relocates to a larger location to keep up with demand.

Branding for craft beer brand Caravelle
Branding for craft beer brand Caravelle
Branding for craft beer brand Caravelle

The packaging takes a geometric turn across the rest of the range, with a pixelated bit graphic applied to Galactic IPA and a colourful striped design showcasing the Electric Relaxation XPA.


Working with the Creative Director and in-house creative team at Moonpig, Ian Styles team have completely overhauled the brand. Most of the work was done with our team embedded directly within the creative department, which was crucial to understanding the culture, customers, and vision for the business. 

Building on their new positioning our idea was a simple one; create a whole new world for Moonpig, one where we imagine that we live life on the moon, where the normal rules don’t apply.

We seek to capture people in our new world’s gravity, pulling them towards us for a moment, offering an escape, where boring is banished, the obvious avoided and where life, is more fun and lighthearted.

Moonpig_Packaging_2 2.jpg
VAN.pngFinal-Letterbox.jpgTote Bag_v1_4-3.jpgMoonpig_London_bridge_site_1.jpg