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Meet Alan

As part of a brand refresh for healthcare company Alan, DesignStudio has created a fluffy digital mascot that’s designed to make people feel good.

The company currently offers health insurance in France, but has plans to expand across Europe. According to DesignStudio, the updated identity is meant to convey a warmer and friendlier personality that will stand out in the healthcare marketplace.The end result is well executed and certainly feels unexpected, but there’s a question mark around whether it’s all just a little bit too warm and fuzzy.

Teach First rebrand

The charity has ditched its “corporate” identity in favour of an all-encompassing rebrand that reflects its mission to create fair education for all.

The update was almost two years in the making, and required Teach First to “take a hard look at their brand”, says Johnson Banks. The charity wanted to move away from its previous style and embrace something bolder that would reflect its focus on tackling inequality and helping children reach their potential, while also conveying a “grittier, more direct tone of voice”.

The studio says the refreshed identity also needed communicate with a “bewildering array” of people, from graduates, teachers and headmasters to people considering changing career as well as government departments and corporate sponsors.

Gaddum rebrand

True North has stripped back Gaddum’s branding to the bare bones, basing the charity’s new tone and identity on the idea of a supportive friend.

Despite being one of the oldest charities operating in the Greater Manchester area, The Gaddum Centre’s rebrand is anything but traditional.

Established in 1833, the charity provides health and wellbeing support to the local people, primarily dealing with therapy, advocacy and advisory services.

The new branding, conceived by Manchester-based agency True North, resembles the simplistic, type-based design that currently prevails in tech start-ups. Here, it aims to give Gaddum a friendly, approachable demeanour, reflected in both its clean aesthetic and the choice of pastel hues.

Firefox rebrand

Firefox’s logo featuring a fox with a flamelike tail wrapped around a globe has become instantly recognisable over the years. Developed by internet advocacy and software group Mozilla in the early Noughties, it is perhaps best known for its open source, free to use web browser.

Now, Firefox’s identity has been given an update as Mozilla unveils its new parent brand, with the aim of showing that its role goes beyond just its web browser function.

The design has been led by Ramotion Creative Director Michael Chu in collaboration with Firefox, and sees a more streamlined version of the circular fox tail symbol.

A series of icons have also been designed for the rest of Firefox’s offering, such as its encrypted file sharing service Firefox Send, and privacy-focused mobile browser Firefox Focus.

Hat Guild relaunch

Over 15 years since it closed its doors, the newly reformed association of milliners and hatters worked with Counter Studio to create an identity that balances past and present.British Hat Guild rebrandThe rebrand was done in collaboration with Counter Studio, which aimed for a design that would balance the heritage of the industry with the contemporary landscape the Guild operates in today. The logo gives a nod to the millinery trade, while the font unusually draws upon a combination of serif and sans-serif typefaces.British Hat Guild rebrandBritish Hat Guild rebrand

Nike By You

Developed by New York agency Gretel, the new visual identity and brand strategy emphasises Nike’s customisation offering as a ‘co-creation’ service for its customers.

Nike was one of the first brands to venture into the world of personalisation when it launched Nike ID in 2000. Its customisation offering has since grown from just being a feature on its website to include over 100 in-store ‘studios’ all over the world.

Opened in 2018, its new flagship store in New York also offers a bespoke shoe design service where customers can book an appointment with a consultant and have custom trainers created on-site.

The new brand strategy looks to reposition Nike as a service as much as a product, and is accompanied by a refreshed identity led by Gretel’s Design Director Simon Chong.

“We needed to figure out a way to reorientate the brand around co-creation, delivering something that is recognisably Nike, can stand out within Nike environments and flex across endless, unique applications,” says Chong.

The new identity is made up of two ‘layers’; the first representing Nike, and including key elements of the brand such as its famous swoosh symbol and Futura Extra Bold Condensed typeface, along with a black and white colour palette.

The second layer represents ‘you’ (aka the customer), and is intended to be less functional, more expressive. Featuring an array of different colours and graphics, it is flexible enough to allow for endless different iterations for any Nike product.

Get Raw rebrand


Sweden-based agency Snask redesigned the branding and packaging for GET RAW, a health bar brand that aims to provide a wholesome approach to snacking.

“GET RAW is a health bar that is organic, vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. They contacted us and asked us to do a full rebrand to modernize their visual identity and tone of voice. With no empty calories, bland flavours or pointers to fad diets we felt that it was a great product that needed to become more interesting and better looking.”0bf5ea66215969.5b0e96476559b.jpgd077ae66215969.5b0e964761a29.jpg

Pentagram rebrand Hay Festival

Designed by Marina Willer, the new identity centres on a colourful tree symbol which represents the different branches of work that the festival’s organisers carry out today.

Already a well-established brand, Pentagram Partner Marina Willer was tasked with helping the team behind Hay Festival to better express visually what they do on a daily basis.

Willer has created an over-arching brand identity that spans the various locations and channels which are now a key part of the festival, as well as renaming the overall brand as Hay Festival.

Never work with children or animals?

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland have two main sites: Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park. Very different visitor experiences. 

RZSS provide visitors with fun, captivating and memorable experiences through active interpretation and personal engagement wrapped up in a sense of play. Inspired by the animals that they see and the conversations these provoke their aim is for young visitors to take that ‘empathy to action’ journey on their own terms, using mechanisms that appeal specifically to them.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 10.34.45.pngScreen Shot 2019-03-15 at 13.10.01.png

To help meet this aim the RZSS. Tandem have developed a family-focused interpretation toolkit to use across a range of platforms: an activity-based learning journey guide, on-site interpretation, digital interactives, wayfinding, marketing initiatives and merchandise. This scheme has been designed to help the RZSS connect better with younger visitors and their families. 

Central to the toolkit are two friends: Ruby & Zed. A creature from another Zooniverse and a girl from just down the road. Imbued with interpretive power, our two characters take young visitors on a secret mission full of challenges around the Zoo or Wildlife Park.RZSS8.jpg