Thanks for FRANKS

Thanks For Franks are hand-baked granola bars that are sure to make your mouth water. These tasty snacks come in flavors like “Three’s Company”—cashew, raspberry, and chocolate—or “A New York Minute”—salted caramel. The Collaborators designed the packaging to highlight the savory and sweet combos of these gluten free granola bars.

“There is no compromise with Frank’s flavours, and we knew that it was incredibly important that the designs reflected this. Using vibrant colours and bold messaging, bucking the trend from ‘better for you’ style language and recessive palettes.”

“The pattern designs were inspired by Frank’s penchant for a flamboyant shirt and the many stories of his travels across America, where he learnt his trade. Each flavour illustration draws reference to part of his journey—such as Salted Caramel which he discovered in the world famous deli Dean & Deluca in New York City.”

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