Daily Archives: 28/10/2016

Poppy boxs by Bottega Louie

“We really love surprising our guests with limited edition boxes so we try not to impose too many restrictions when designing them. We love bright, eye-catching designs that can stand on their own. BL had launched a line of single piece chocolates in the fall of 2015 that featured a bright, warm red and we wanted to continue that vibrant color in this new packaging. We had talked about the possibility of butterflies and flowers for this box because it felt seasonally appropriate and was a direction we hadn’t executed before” says Erica Gibson.

Fashion is a huge inspiration. We started designing this box in January when pre-spring lines were previewing illustrative florals in rich, contrasting patterns. Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Gucci, and Kenzo were inspirations, to name a few. I had started with illustrating a beautiful Helleborus odorus flower, but it was overly delicate and an obvious design for a Bottega Louie summer macaron box. The poppy illustration started with more detail and tonal variation but through the editing process, the design started to felt more contemporary as it moved away from literal and became more and more abstracted. Marimekko is an excellent reference of how to really nail simplicity in patterns.