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Rosé Label – a Work of Modern Art?

3.jpgMarios Karystios teamed up with painter and winery owner Alexandra Manousakis in order to create this inspiring rosé label that serves as a work of art.



Allegro Gets Musical

Antonia Skaraki A.S. delivers a clever rendition of a music note with the history of Italy and a wine strain in either red or yellow based on the type of wine. 

“A variety of visual elements make up the musical note. The circle of note is formed by the footprint that leaves a glass of wine. An ancient Greek figure that plays a stringed musical instrument, a Venetian pillar and banners perfect the note. The Zakynthian culture with the Italian in a musical symbol.” Allegro_03.jpg

Orama Minimal Frames


Orama Minimal Frames reached out to creative agency, Roleplay to produce a high-end catalog for presentations with clients. The matte black packaging, topped with a glossy lettering throughout sets it over the top. 

“Orama Minimal Frames is a new entry in the international minimal window market. They asked for an elegant, portable display case targeted to their most important audience: architects. It offers a full presentation of their products and services along with various gems: a detachable tray contains a puzzle game with most of the system’s details for the customer to form their own frame solutions as well as a branded magnetic pencil.”


Red Earth Cosmetics


Toronto-based Concrete was responsible for the dynamic redesign for Red Earth, a cosmetics brand inspired by the free spirit of Australia.

The entire line was reinvented. The approach established a foundational palette of visual elements that could be used to create an array of dynamic package designs – all different, yet all tied together with a common attitude and visual vocabulary.


Eco-Friendly Men’s Grooming Line

All-natural, organic, eco-friendly and sustainable are terms that are frequently thrown around on products you’d find in the personal care section of any store. And yet, a majority of those products are still packaged in plastic and oftentimes include the kind of super-secret ingredients grown in an evil scientist’s laboratory.

And that’s why Wise’s line of men’s grooming products stand head and shoulders above the rest.


packshot behance.jpg

Rice Brand Inspired By Floor Tiles

Milanese artisan rice brand RISO D’UOMO has revealed a new visual identity by Here Design. Cultivated from pure Carnaroli rice grown within sight of the historic Duomo di Milano, RISO D’UOMO’s refreshed design takes direct inspiration from the product’s place of origin, reflecting the ornate marble floor tiles of this impressive cathedral.

Using rich tones of navy blue and terracotta which are derived from the striking colour of the marble floors of the Duomo, the new brand identity adopts a timeless quality and strong design aesthetic, standing out on the shelf.Riso_Duomo_Here_-_Group_Shot_1.jpgRiso_Duomo_Here_-_Group_Shot_3.jpgRiso_Duomo_Here_-_Detail_2.jpg