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Packaging That Balances An Organic And Luxurious Aesthetic

Plantheque is a skincare brand working to preserve nature’s resources and primarily uses recycled or fully recyclable materials. The brand’s packaging is thoughtfully sleek, implementing a down-to-earth aesthetic that feels as organic as it does luxurious. The soft, natural color palette paired with mindful typography makes up a truly wonderful packaging system.

We created a bouquet of green nuances, a small forest grove, a meadow, where all the products and packaging form a verity, exciting and decorative in the bathroom cabinet and visually interesting in pictures. We placed the fantastic unique ingredient list as decoration on the front to be transparent with the ingredients to create curiosity and connect to the benefits. The name Plantheque was developed to match the concept together with descriptive names of the products setting an inspiring, easy to remember tonality completing the design expression. 

The Skin Guru Sleep Mask, The Turn Back Time Serum, etc. A symbol to complement the Plantheque logo was created for small formats as a small piece of jewelry. It is animated to bring it to life in social media and web.

Tallo’s Label Features A Juicy Typography System

Based in Argentina, Tallo is a cold juice brand focused on creating an environment that balances a sense of humor with a healthy mindset. The brand’s packaging is designed by Mauricio Gallegos and PAZ MIAMOR, with a rounded typography system at the core of the design. There’s a clear fruit influence behind the design, and while the typography takes a maximalist approach, the layout is simple, creating a balanced, cultivated design.

The colours of these juices are vibrant and pastel at the same time, so we chose to use a free colour palette to create a fun environment with many possibilities and combinations. In addition to a bold geometric display logo, small line illustrations are also used in the label to represent fruits and vegetables, referencing kids’ drawings, especially Feli and Juani.

New Packaging For German Wine Brand Blue Nun

For German wine brand Blue Nun’s 100th anniversary, Pentagram partner Paula Scher created a new packaging system that redefines the brand’s Blue Nun mascot. 

The oversized, blushing nun takes over the outer box and is also featured on the wine labels. The skinny, delicate typeface allows the new character to become the lead element, leaning into a visual approach. The first iteration of the new bottle design features a “100” that appears on the labels but will be removed after the anniversary celebration. 

The original label image depicted 18th century nuns picking grapes in a vineyard, but for the anniversary, the design team wanted to capture the lively, indulgent spirit of the Roaring Twenties decade that birthed the brand, so they opted to give the nun a complete makeover. The new label features a saucy, glamorous portrait of a blushing nun inspired by the French 20th century designer and Art Deco artist Erté. 

SINNEK’s Bold Packaging System Visualizes The Bodywork Paint Brand’s Pillars

Sinnek is a car paint brand that promises its consumers quality, efficiency, technology, and color. The brand worked with Diego Bellorin to create a packaging system that visually translates these promises. The bold yellow hue and bold typography system create a packaging system that’s authoritative and professional while also showcasing the brand’s high-performance personality.

BAZ & CO’s Basil-Based Skincare Products

The beauty industry is a crowded space. From organic products and vegan brands to “clean” lines, there’s not only a somewhat hazy description for just about everything, but a product for everyone. Yet, while some brands claim to be clean or organic,BAZ & CO  is a natural skincare line created by a farmer who knows a thing or two about raw ingredients. 

The strategy, branding, packaging, digital design, and digital development were designed by London-based agency Otherway. BAZ & CO gets named after its principal ingredient, basil, a plant known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The green primary packaging hue reflects the herb’s prominence within the products. In addition, the sustainable, fully recyclable packaging is made of aluminum and glass, shedding light on the importance of sustainability, especially for nature’s sake.

Because the beauty industry is so overcrowded, Otherway wanted to ensure that BAZ & CO’s packaging and branding systems were distinct enough to stand out. Using recyclable materials and inks guarantees this, and the innovative and styled typography and design styles further highlight the brand’s sustainable intentions.  

The minimalistic design was strategic, yet it also leaves room for the brand’s inevitable growth. The system’s flexibility comes from the minimalistic aesthetic deployed by the agency, allowing new products to seamlessly become part of the line and adapt the green packaging with white typography and instruction manual-inspired illustrations. 

So, sure, farm-to-table meals have been around for a while, but farm-to-face skincare products are the latest and greatest addition to the skincare industry. 

Pepsi Says It Goes Better With Food, Creates Tasty Comic Book-Inspired Cans

Pepsi’s current promotional campaign, “Better with Pepsi,” highlights how its signature cola pairs great with some of our favorite foods like doughnuts and pizza. Some of Pepsi’s latest collabs have involved snacks and cola mashups, like maple-drenched IHOP pancakes and Cracker Jack popcorn.

The latest from PepsiCo’s design teams in Shanghai and Bangkok celebrates the connection between Pepsi and mealtime with playful artwork featuring some favorite snacks across the Asian Pacific market. Pepsi’s goal is to appeal to Gen Z consumers by highlighting how we are our authentic selves at home.