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Geometric packaging





Hollywood park by Lmnop

Well, a little bit… The name of the wine comes from the original Hollywood Park stadium, once a horse racing track and social gathering spot for Hollywood’s most glamorous actors. Keeping in the limelight, Hollywood Park is set to be completely renovated into a state-of-the-art football stadium housing the L.A. Rams. And the perfect addition to any football game is quite obviously a cold can of wine in your koozie…

The can’s design reflects a vintage Hollywood Glamour feeling, without being overly literal. Here we rely strictly on typography to convey a sense of nostalgic glam. The oversized letters also hint at the iconic Hollywood sign and the black and white palette references the olden days of grayscale film. Overall the minimalist aesthetic helps elevate the brand’s look and feel, which was important since it is in a can after all.

Rice Brand Inspired By Floor Tiles

Milanese artisan rice brand RISO D’UOMO has revealed a new visual identity by Here Design. Cultivated from pure Carnaroli rice grown within sight of the historic Duomo di Milano, RISO D’UOMO’s refreshed design takes direct inspiration from the product’s place of origin, reflecting the ornate marble floor tiles of this impressive cathedral.

Using rich tones of navy blue and terracotta which are derived from the striking colour of the marble floors of the Duomo, the new brand identity adopts a timeless quality and strong design aesthetic, standing out on the shelf.Riso_Duomo_Here_-_Group_Shot_1.jpgRiso_Duomo_Here_-_Group_Shot_3.jpgRiso_Duomo_Here_-_Detail_2.jpg


The Doux is a hip hop inspired natural hair care line that has recently been introduced to the hair aisle in Target. Bright neon colors and 90’s inspired brush lettering make for a nostalgia inducing packaging solution that will look great in your bathroom.


Does dose organic juice

 Akufen Atelier Créatif has “hipsterized” Dose’s line of organic juices. Bottled in clear plastic, each beverage is titled in bold graphic type according to its color. The design is minimal, catering to the trending market for juicing. With the play on words, inspired by abbreviated text messages, Dose targets a more youthful audience. 

“Dose is a Montreal based organic / raw juice company that makes delicious healthy juices every morning and then delivers them to your work place ! We created a brand and package that is as simple and colorful as the products themselves.”

Holiday Crackers

“Every year, Goods & Services agency creates a festive holiday gift for our clients; for 2016, our creative team decided to have some fun with holiday crackers.” 

“So we searched the globe to capture the most unusual ‘giving’ holiday creatures. Each cracker includes a story that is unique to its character. Tío De Nadal, a friendly log found in Spain, is beaten with a stick by children on Christmas eve until it poops out small presents. Yule Cat, a notorious feline native to Iceland, pounces and gobbles up farmhands who haven’t finished their winter’s work. Kallikantzaroi, a southeastern European goblin, creates mayhem during the 12 days of Christmas, by souring milk, terrorizing farm animals and generally being a nasty menace. The final character, Namahage, is a New Year’s ogre who storms into Japanese families’ homes and can only be placated by tasty treats.”CrackerPlate_Confetti_8559_EDIT.jpg