Some lovely Packaging

There has been a lot of lovely package design posted over the last few week since I have been away so I through I’d post some that inspired me. 


This cool packaging for ZODA created by Silky Szeto. I really like the use of the bright type and the contrast black background. “It is a modern and eye caching design that uses typography inspiration. The obscurity of the typographic design attracts maximum attention and it communicates the product’s functional nature and effects.”

Summer’s Eve

TThis packaging has a completely different feel to the last packaging. The brief was to reinvigorate the brand the identification of design opportunities for the brand’s wash, powder, spray and wipes. Created by Little Big Brand.

Copper Gold

Coppergold is a new brand of jewellery created by the copper foundry La FargaGroup. The packaging has the function of a display, so it can be put on the shelves or in the store cupboard and the jewellery can be clearly seen through the transparent methacrylate.

I really like the idea behind this packaging, it is such a simple idea for packaging and a great way of displaying jewelleryin shops.

Love Honey

This is a really cute design using a simple heart motif to reference both the name of the product and also the natural health benefits associated with honey. The colour palette and hand drawn style helps create a simple, natural feel.


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