Noma Bar: Negative Space

The use of negative space within the work of Noma Bar is exceptional.  Some of his illustrations are composed by the use of a single image or by utilising a variety of elements that all carry the same theme.  This in turn gives the shape to the final piece.  Contained within his book Negative Space, Noma Bar has taken on more serious topics and challenged the thinking behind them e.g. global warming, race relations and national identity. 

When Bar was asked about his work he declared it to be a type of “pain relief”.  He said it acted as a shock absorber against the subject that was portrayed within any particular article. 

I have posted some examples that caught my eye from the book

Noma bar

The Big Squeeze: piece for an article on the oil gains to be made from Iraq 

noma bar 2

Gun Crime illustration

noma bar 3

Beware The Wolves: an innocent Red Riding Hood is trapped by a wolf, for an article on older men with younger women

noma bar 4

This is The End illustration

Study the image above and see if you can identify the hands.  Initially I couldn’t see them but when you do discover them it makes the piece even more amazing.

I particularly like the simplicity of all the images and the way they have been produced is in my opinion a sign of brilliance.


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