Data doesn’t have to be boring!

Gone are the old ways of displaying data and in came infographics. Not only do these infographic display data in an interesting way they also are really visual graphic piece of their own.  There are many examples of good infographics and I came across this website Visual Complexity were they have hundreds of examples.  I have gone through these and here are a few that I really liked.

Map of Institutional partners of RCA by Karin von Ompteda, Peter Crnokrak

Eurovision 2009 Results by Baris Gumustas

Gnom – Oracle Interface (02) by Pedro Ortiz, Santiago Ortiz, Luis Rico, Alfonso Valencia

Mammal Supertree by Kate Jones

Celanese Corporation by Saul Bass and Associates

Monitoring and Visualizing by Christopher Adjei, Nils Holland-Cunz

Visualizing information flow in science by Moritz Stefaner

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