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Making something beautiful out of Covid 19

Editorial photographInstead of a wall of red dots and complex charts, users can now easily parse confirmed and recovered cases, alongside total deaths. Not only is this more neutral, but it allows for a broader range of information to be processed and, more importantly, absorbed by the user. Now, color is working in tandem with the data to support transparent and effective communication.

Social Science – Graphic Designers Surveyed

What happens when you survey UK- and US-based graphic designers and ask prying questions about life and work? Presented here are the responses, by turn fanatical, funny and frank, of 1,988 designers. Exhausted but enthusiastic, critical and creative, frustrated yet optimistic… their answers will surprise. One thing is certain – they really love graphic design and what it can do.

Examining their responses in collaboration with social scientist Nikandre Kopcke, we present new findings and re-evaluate age-old clichés about graphic design: from studio to household, from student to CEO, across gender, age and the Atlantic.Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 14.55.59Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 14.56.14

Graphic Designers Surveyed was designed by LucienneRoberts+ with more complex visualisations by data designer Stefanie Posavec.

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The Noun Project

These are free inforgraphics available to everyone.  The Noun Project’s  mission is to share, celebrate and enhance the world’s visual language.  Their goal was to collect and organize all the symbols that form our language into one easy-to-use online library.  All the images are completely free to download and can be used for design projects, architecture presentation, art pieces.  To think that a visual language can be understood by all cultures and people is a pretty amazing thing. 

Data doesn’t have to be boring!

Gone are the old ways of displaying data and in came infographics. Not only do these infographic display data in an interesting way they also are really visual graphic piece of their own.  There are many examples of good infographics and I came across this website Visual Complexity were they have hundreds of examples.  I have gone through these and here are a few that I really liked.

Map of Institutional partners of RCA by Karin von Ompteda, Peter Crnokrak

Eurovision 2009 Results by Baris Gumustas

Gnom – Oracle Interface (02) by Pedro Ortiz, Santiago Ortiz, Luis Rico, Alfonso Valencia

Mammal Supertree by Kate Jones

Celanese Corporation by Saul Bass and Associates

Monitoring and Visualizing Last.fm by Christopher Adjei, Nils Holland-Cunz

Visualizing information flow in science by Moritz Stefaner