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The Body Coach

Joe Wicks became the nation’s PE teacher during those early months of national lockdown. And as a second lockdown descended upon England last month, again Wicks was there not only with his daily 30 minute PE sessions, but he also released a new YouTube series to get us exercising. The Body Coach brand has carved out a space of unrelenting energy and positivity, and it’s continued to flourish during a time where moving and exercising has, for many, been the only light in a very dark year. 

To help bring the app to life, Nikki enlisted the help of design and tech studio Ustwo and design agency Koto, who’d already worked on the rebrand of the Body Coach earlier in the year. “It was vital the work we did captured [Joe’s] infectious energy, the positivity which makes Joe the success he is,” says creative director and founder of Koto, James Greenfield on the key features of the rebrand. “So we took the bright colours the brand already used and then added a graphic layer built around this, with every element feeling like it moved. From a logo that is active, warm and approachable to a graphic language that utilises ‘hites’ (the active lines used in animation and comics to denote movement) to typography that isn’t just a standard cold typeface.” 

Fuchs says the project was more than the product for them as it was also about establishing a sense of longevity. “We worked to shape a business model and proposition both for now and the future, we created the back-end system for ‘support heroes’ to manage subscriptions and a website to communicate the mission and vision,” she says. “Alongside this we are helping Joe build his digital capability.”  

“I love some of the features in the app, but for me the design has been so important in making this product feel fun and accessible,” says Nikki. “The rebrand work that Koto did for us really captured Joe’s energy perfectly, and Ustwo has done such an incredible job of bringing it all to life in the digital experience. We can’t wait to share it with the world.”  

Unique Wedding site by Pixel Bytes


‘For this project, we definitely had our work cut out for us because it was for one of our own – Company Partner, Jeanette Ortiz. We had to design a wedding site filled with Pixel Bytes love & magic while capturing their unique style. We branded their wedding and carried the look and feel through out all things that were related to the wedding. From Save the Dates to wedding cards, it captures everything that is Tony and Jeanette. Aside from the print design, we also integrated RSVP functionality into her website. This makes it easier to manage and keep track of all her guest! This site is created with Drupal CMS and is coded in HTML5 and CSS3. The site is also responsive to fit any device. Go ahead, check it out on your phone.’ Pixel Bytes


“AllCreative has a simple ambition,” says its founder, AMV BBDO creative chief Paul Brazier, “To reveal every creative job in the form of a short film that will inspire people a step closer to their chosen career. From a young age, I was given the impression that the creative arts were secondary and inferior to an academic career path. Later in life, I realised just how huge the creative industries are and their importance to Britain.”

Design Museum rebrand

Over the last number of weeks I have been working on rebranding the Design Museum, London. The museum cover every area of design from fashion, graphics and achecture. So were do you start? Ask yourself this, what do all design discipline have in common? An idea.


How could I visually represent ‘an idea.’ When an idea strikes, it is like having a ‘light bulb’ moment, where light is shed on the problem or task. To represent this typographically, the ‘i’ could be turned upside down to create the light bulb effect.

I placed the notion of the ‘idea’ as a central part of the typographic identity so that the look would be familiar and different simultaneously. In the main headlines type will be lowercase apart from “Design Museum” and each ‘i’ will be inverted to accentuate the idea driven basis for design. Secondly, I have tried, where possible, to integrate practical text information of every aspect of the design touch points that the visitor will encounter, from the website to the amenities, this will give familiarity to the museum identity.

business card
website home
IMG_4592 IMG_4584 IMG_4583
information booklet


Have you ever wondered where your flush goes when you flush the toilet?  19th Nov was World Toilet Day.  Flushtracker has all the answers, you simple go on and enter your postcode and it shows you were your flush goes and also how long it takes.  They will email you when it reaches its final destination.

There is a serious message to all of this, apart from bring home how amazing Britain’s largely Victorian sewage system is.  It also aims to raise awareness of fact that 40% of the world’s population lacks access to basic sanitation. 

Created by Lean Mean Fighting Machine for the World Toilet Organisation and Domestos, to promote World Toilet Day.