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Flatten the Curve

Life has been turned upside down by the coronavirus outbreak even for those who haven’t suffered a loss at the hands of it. The news has become an ongoing source of despair and the general public is rapidly tiring of life under lockdown. However, the crisis has seen a pushback of positivity, whether through the nationwide Clap for our Carers initiative or the sense of solidarity seen across the creative communities and the wider public.

Flatten The Curve is a new compilation video embracing the positive, with animators from around the world contributing over 90 uplifting clips based on their time under lockdown. The first film in the series has just been released, with two more to follow.

The project was initiated by London-based animators Kathrin Steinbacher and Emily Downe, who together run Studio Desk. Steinbacher and Downe asked animators to submit a clip that would “highlight something positive they have experienced in these difficult times”, and the outcome is a diverse array of colourful takes on the new normal.

Phoebe McCughley

“Basically, it’s 25 frames per second and it’s a very insane way of doing things, really,” says Phoebe McCaughley of her painstakingly crafted animations. Working with scraps of fabric and leftover packaging – which she uses to build her characters – McCaughley has found an innate talent for recreating natural movement. She’s also shown a deft hand for dealing with the big topics such as motherhood and mental health, which she manages to explore with an element of light-heartedness.

Not only is her work charming and relatable, it’s a reminder of just how enjoyable stop motion can be, when it’s done right.

Music by Design

My 2nd and main piece was to create a motion movie containing 8 different graphic design themes image, type, shape, form, scale, rhythm, colour & tone. Below is a storyboard of my idea. I have tried to make each section of this come together but don’t as yet have the final piece.

final motion idea 2

Also to go along with the motion design I have some promotion to do for an event that will showcase everyone’s motion piece. Because it was to promote everyone’s I wanted something that could be used by everyone so calling the event 8 would allow everyone to produce this 8 in different styles but it would have the same layout etc as each other.


Unbelievable stop motion

Here’s an unbelievable stop motions using books to create scenes. Rogier Wieland has brought the New Year planner.

Wieland said “I just love to work with actual materials,” he says. “Paper, cardboard, wood, paint. I get ideas working with them and the fun part is that everyone understands the limitations of what you can do with the materials.”

A week of planning and just over a month to make have a look behind scenes to see just how it’s done.

Mural Finished

Sorry its been so long. Here we go. Ive been working on a short film off the mural (we painted in South Africa) how it took shape and changed over the 8 days. A photo was taken ever 15 mins and this is the outcome. I made it moving around a bit as we couldn’t leave it up every night given we shared the field with cows, thankful the cows were only there after we went home at night. Enjoy!

Some really cool animations

Things have been a little bit neglected lately but I’m just back from Barcelona and I’ve had so much on that I haven’t had a change to post anything. However I intend to post a few more things before the madness of the final year begins in only a few weeks times. Panic!!!



This animation has been posted all over the web on nearly every design website so you more and likely have already seen it but it was completely new to me. 

Created by Wieden + Kennedy London for Nokia, this animation has been shot completely on a Nokia N8 and has set a Guinness World Record for the ‘World’s Largest Stop-Motion Animation Set’.

Directed by Sumo Science (Will Studd and Ed Patterson) the story is about a fisherman going about his daily catch, when an unexpected event occurs. It was shot on location at Pendine Beach in South Wales. The aim of film is to showcase the Nokia N8’s Carl Zeless optics and its 12-megapixel photography capabilities.

The making-of film below explains how it was carried out.


Wade Shotter: Ankle Injuries

This is another really cool stop motion animation using only dice, it is defiantly worth a watch.



Here is a really simple animation that I discovered.  It is based around a girl trying to find somewhere to sleep but is running away from being eaten.  The whole animation is done through a circle and you don’t see what is going on the complete time, but the way that it has been produced enables us to have a firm idea about what is happening beyond what we are actually seeing.  I also really like the transition between one scene to the next.

9 Qualities of a Successful Freelancer

Just came across this stop motion video highlighting the 9 qualities that you need to be a freelancer.

This stop motion was created to go along with Freelancing pros Meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Deangdeelert book ‘The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business.  The book has been created for creative’s – illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, animators and more on how to build a successful business.

Lego Click

To challenge fans on Lego a website has been created, Lego Click, this gives them the opportunity to share ideas.  As part of the launch they created a film by director Blue Source.  This shows a Lego inventor enter a surreal world of Lego Click and share his ideas.  The website takes a while to upload but it is worth it so have patience. 

Lego Click home page

At present the Lego Click website holds an array of films, photographs, tweets and blog posts.  Some of these are Lego specific but others are not.  If you are caught up in the Lego obsession you can download the Lego iPhone and this will enable you to turn your photographs to look like they are made up of bricks.

The website has been brilliantly designed and every detail has been carefully thought through.

All this information was taken from the Creative Review Blog.