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Hand drawn images

The wonderful world of photoshop


IMG_4302 cut out dogs hand drawen.jpgaftercover image.jpg
Final outcome 


Anthony Gerace

Anthony Gerace has a knack for creating images that grab your attention and invite closer inspection. His project There Must Be More to Life Than This is an intriguing collection of tiled collages created using vintage ads. People Living – another collage series – combines photographs and lettering with colourful scraps of paper to striking effect.

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McDonald’s minus the food

Many of McDonald’s recent campaigns, particularly those for France, have had a stripped-back, minimal aesthetic. Now TBWA\Paris has revealed a new set of minimalistic posters, which follow the popular sparkly Open Late campaign, launched just last month.The three posters in this campaign feature just the packaging of the brand’s three archetypal products – the Big Mac, the Nuggets and the French Fries. The brand takes minimalism to a new extreme with these posters which are devoid of any text, or even the actual product; just a few lonely crumbs.

Photographer Giles Revell

In his new exhibition and book Cartographic Colour, photographer Giles Revell deconstructs flowers to reveal the beauty and the complexity of colour in nature. Working at Kew and the RHS Wisely garden, Revell photographed a selection of blooms which, using a grid placed over each image, he then set about analysing.In each square, Revell created graphic representations of the constituent colours of the flower concerned, revealing that what we might see as one strong colour, is often actually a combination of many. Cartographic Colour is divided in two. A series of ‘palettes’ reinterpret the colours of well-known flowers, abstracted to eliminate the distraction of form. Petals and stems are reduced to accurate graphic examinations of their constituent hues. “The plants were stripped of identity through the process of mapping, with the aim of creating a series of images where engagement is purely through scale, shape and position of colour,” Revell explains. “I was hoping to make arresting interpretations without the necessity of structure and form.”

World press photo of the year 2017

Contemporary Issues – Third Prize, Stories, Copacabana Palace ©  Peter Bauza 
Edilane and 3 of her 7 kids (at the time of the shoot) are resting on a mattress on the floor. She is giving soon birth to a son. Despite all her problems and struggling often how to feed her kids next day, she is still positive about her life. Recently she was able to build up a very small and basic Internet store inside the buildings. Out of approx. 10 old computers she makes one for the store.This represents some 5 USD daily. The people of “Copacabana Palace”, also usually called Jambalaya or Carandiru, are the “sem tetos, sem terras”. Generally hidden from view, they represent the dark side of Brazil’s multibillion-dollar spending spree on global sporting events such as the 2007 Pan American Games, the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and the 2016 Olympics. There are thought to be several million people in Brazil without a stable roof (sem moradias), and the number is rising. Despite government housing schemes „minha casa, minha vida“ and anti-poverty policies the “sem tetos, sem terras” (homeless and landless) face a bleak future.

Nature – Second Prize, Stories, Pandas Gone Wild © Ami Vitale, for National Geographic Magazine
Seven-year-old giant panda Min Min had a baby girl at Bifengxia Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center in Sichuan Province, China . It was 3 long days and nights of waiting for her to give birth and the vets thought it was likely to be a still birth. A very healthy giant panda cub emerged with a loud scream. She is the largest cub born this year to first-time mother Min Min. Giant pandas are born tiny, blind and helpless. The limbs of newborn pandas are so weak that they are not able to stand and for the first two months baby pandas only nurse, sleep, and poo. They are weaned between 8-9 months and a year old.

People – Second Prize, Stories, Enfarinat © Antonio Gibotta, Agenzia Controluce
Each 28th december, in Ibi – province of Alicante, in Spain -, the “The floured’s war” takes place. It’s a festival in which the citizens are divided into two groups: the first is called the Enfarinat (the floured), that simulate a coup d’etat; the other one tries to calm down the rebellion. The teams plays with flour, water, eggs and coloured smoke bombs: the photos taken during the match are beautiful. It has been celebrated since 200 years and it’s linked to the day of the massacre of innocents, when Herod, king of Judea, ordered to kill each baby in order to find Jesus.

Nature – First prize, stories, Rhino Wars © Brent Stirton, Getty Images for National Geographic Magazine 
“Care for Wild Africa” is a donor run orgnaniation that specializes in caring for wounded animals. They have a special focus on rhino and have taken in many rhino orphans from the poaching wars across South Africa at this time. Their latest orphan is Lulah, her mother was killed in Kruger National Park and when the rangers found Lulah she was estimated to be one month old. Hyenas had attacked the tiny calf and chewed off her ears, parts of her nose and inflicted a large bite on her rear right leg. Lulah has a strong will to live and despite fighting off infection in the wound she is looking like she will survive. Lulah has a full time caregiver Dorota Ladosz, 25, who are full time staff at C.W.A. Dorota has an honors degree in both Animal Science and Wildlife Management. She lives full time with Lulah at the time of this picture and sleeps with her in her enclosure. She maintains a constant watch on Lulah’s injuries and her temperature and feeds her at regular intervals. Lulah received surgery on this day and her wounds were cleaned out by Jan-Louis Ras, a surgeon who volunteers his services to Care for Wild Africa but actually usually works on humans. Infections in Lulah’s leg were cleaned out and her ears and the top of her head were dressed and disinfected. Care for Wild Africa has taken care of multiple rhino calves like this and today they have 27 survivors living on the property. Paying for their upkeep and their security is difficult.

Long term projects – First prize, Black Days Of Ukraine  © Valery Melnikov, Rossiya Segodnya 
Civilians escape from a fire at a house destroyed by the air attack in the Luhanskaya village

Contemporary Issues – First Prize, Singles, Taking A Stand In Baton Rouge © Jonathan Bachman, Thomson Reuters
Lone activist Ieshia Evans stands her ground while offering her hands for arrest as she is charged by riot police during a protest against police brutality outside the Baton Rouge Police Department in Louisiana, USA, on 9 July 2016. Evans, a 28-year-old Pennsylvania nurse and mother of one, traveled to Baton Rouge to protest against the shooting of Alton Sterling. Sterling was a 37-year-old black man and father of five, who was shot at close range by two white police officers. The shooting, captured on a multitude of cell phone videos, aggravated the unrest coursing through the United States in previous years over the use of excessive force by police, particularly against black men.
Daily Life – First prize, Stories, Cuba On The Edge Of Change © Tomas Munita, for The New York Times 
Members of the Ejercito Juvenil del Trabajo waited along the road to Santiago de Cuba at dawn for Fidel Castro’s caravan on December 3, 2016. Cuba declared nine days of mourning after Fidel Castro’s death, a period that culminated with his funeral.

View all the shortlisted and winning work at www.worldpressphoto.org 

This Girl Can

Since it was first launched in January 2015 Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign has inspired women to get more active and been applauded for promoting more realistic standards of health and beauty.

The campaign is now in its next phase, and continues to celebrate women of all shapes and size and varying physical abilities. This time around the ads and posters are more age inclusive, featuring several women in their fifties and sixties.

Geometry Club

A selection of images featured on Dave Mullen's Instagram account, @geometryclub

For the past two years, Dave Mullen has scoured the web for images of buildings shot from the same angle. His Instagram account, @geometryclub, is a visual treat – a series of perfectly aligned photographs showcasing a range of architectural styles.

Mullen launched the project in 2014. “I’m a graphic designer by trade but photography has always been an integral part of my work. The idea came about during a week in New York with my girlfriend in September 2014. I had been really in to shooting architecture around that time and was always looking for shapes and symmetry within the buildings. Before I knew it, I had ten or 15 of these symmetrical, triangular compositions,” he says.Guidelines for submissions: the apex of the building must be centrally aligned and images must be symmetricalThe Broad Museum in Los Angeles, photographed by @wheeleyumWellbeck Street Car Park, photographed by @craig_d

Record sleeves photographed in London

As a celebration of the music heritage of the capital, Alex Bartsch’s latest project puts the reggae artists and musicians of the 60s, 70s and 80s right back into the surroundings which helped form their work.

Holding each album cover at arms length, he has reshot a series of over 40 reggae sleeves in exactly the same place as they were originally taken in postcodes stretching across the capital. It’s a simple trick – but one that cannily brings these record sleeves to life again, while putting them within the historical context of the city.

“The image on a record cover usually remains within defined borders, instantly recognisable as a record cover, but not so much as a location,” says Bartsch. “Approaching the scene from a wider angle and revealing the cover’s surroundings brought me, and will hopefully bring others, closer to the time and place of the original photo shoot.”Various Artists, Harder Shade of Black (Santic, 1974), rephotographed in Hackney Downs, London E5, 42 years later. Photos © 2016 Alex Bartsch, courtesy One Love BooksSmiley Culture, Cockney Translation (Fashion Records, 1984), rephotographed on Plough Road, London SW11, 32 years later. Photos © 2016 Alex Bartsch, courtesy One Love BooksPat Kelly, Pat Kelley Sings (Pama, 1969), rephotographed at the Albert Memorial, London SW7, 46 years later. Photos © 2016 Alex Bartsch, courtesy One Love BooksMoodie, Early Years (Moodie Music, 1974), rephotographed on Downhills Park Road, London N17, 41 years later. Photos © 2016 Alex Bartsch, courtesy One Love BooksJohn Holt, 2000 Volts of Holt (Trojan Records, 1976), rephotographed in Holland Park, London W14, 39 years later. Photos © 2016 Alex Bartsch, courtesy One Love Books