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The Big Day – Wedding Stationery

A lovely project that I’ve just finished.

IMG_4900This black and white themed wedding is taking place between two performers, she’s an actress and he’s a comedian. The pair want their wedding program to be like a performance program with their wedding party appearing as the cast. The running order of the day has been spilt into acts. The invitation follows the same theme and is presented like a theatre ticket with a perferrated end that can be used as the RSVP.IMG_4917IMG_4918IMG_4921S & D Wedding programme-4day invent

Beatrix Potter books get a 21st century makeover

BP1The five covers vary enormously in style though what seems obvious is a desire to make Peter Rabbit et al seem cool and youthful in a way that Potter’s original drawings possibly no longer are. “When designing the cover for Peter Rabbit, we started by imagining Peter today – what would he be like?” say Cats Brothers in a text from the designers which is featured on the opening page of the book. “Well he’d be naughty, streetwise and incredibly cool, of course.”The Fashion Designer Collection will be published on July 7 by Penguin Random House Children’s, priced £6.99 each. You can order copies now here.

Unit Editions

Over the years  Unit Editions have produced some of the most lovey book designs.


The Archive Series is a bibliographic celebration of graphic design archives and collections. The first title in the new series is devoted to the design of postage stamps. Sourced from the collections of stamp design experts Iain Follett and Blair Thomson, the book celebrates the brilliance of postage stamp design from around the world.


Eating With The Eyes [Unit 23] is a visual mediation and a photographic recording of accidental events spanning over a decade and collected from Harry Pearce’s journeys around the world. Harry Pearce is a Pentragram partner, eternal optimist, human rights activist, dream diary keeper, graphic designer, accidentalist and photographer. 


Spin: 360º is a portrait of one of London’s leading design studios. It’s a 520pp monograph that looks in mouth-watering detail at every aspect of Spin’s work in identity, print, moving image, retail, digital and environmental graphics, as well as the studio’s self-directed activities in publishing, curating and collecting. 


A portable, rubber handle infused with nanosilver, an antibacterial material, Pandle is perfect for holding onto surfaces on public transportation, in airports, in hospitals, at fitness centers, and so much more! 7-Pandle-Illustration.jpg8-Pandle-TheDiecut.jpg12-Pandle-TheBack_side1.jpg14-Pandle-TheFamily.jpg

Do Something Different

A new Guardian supplement was launched at the beginning of January



The Guardian readers want ideas for how they can “make the most of their day”. The editor Emma Clark says that each issue will be “packed with innovative and engaging ideas…for people who want to stretch their horizons.” with 50 page of activities, sport and hobbies this was a jam-packed issue. With other issues like “ideas to make your life smarter, fitter, better, brighter and different,” says Clarke.


‘The magazine’s design is brighter and more light-hearted than other Guardian and Observer titles, and Clarke says each issue will use bold colour, strong type and illustration “to create a playful supplement which stands out from the rest of the Guardian and Observer offering.”

The typographic cover was designed by Owen Gildersleeve, who cut each character out of paper. Animator Alexander Purcell has also created an animated version for the digital edition, in which Gildersleeve’s letters fall off the page.’ Creative Review


When I show this I got a bit over excited I LOVE IT the use of layout writing over type, the cover everything this is one of these piece that you say ‘I wish I had done it.’


I’ve come across some really nice brochure designs and I want to share these with you.

Saltaire Arts Trail 2008

Saltaire is a Victorian mill village and the Arts Trail identity draws inspiration from Salt Mills and its ever visible chimney stack. The brochure was created by Studio MIKMIK and printed on 9lives offset 100% recycled paper.

Graphic Farmers

This brochure was designed and produced by Ian Johnson from Inkd.com . The cheerful style of the brochure reflects the sense of community central to any farmers market.

Hardware Store

This brochure was also created by Crispin Finn from Inkd.com. This brochure is perfect for the local hardware shop providing friendly service to all customers. The graphic exterior uses the identifiable language of tools hanging from a pegboard to convey the subject of the brochure.

Martial Arts

This design template was created by Alexandre Braga from Inkd.com. There are many elements used throughout the brochure that make it an avant-garde design, the colour palette, triangles, type treatment, paint splatters. The use of the triangular elements in both geometric shapes and the shape of the text boxes gives the brochure a feeling of movement, which successfully conveys the core objective of martial arts.

Water Fall

Design template by Kristina Miletieva from Inkd.com . The illustrative style of the brochure adds a playful element while still maintaining a degree of professionalism essential to a utilities company. The brochure also has adequate space to give an overview of the company’s mission and services offered.

Odyssey Winter 2010

I decided to produce something that could be a live project to try and use both images and text.  I decided to use the Odyssey arena programme using what’s happening from Dec 2010 – Feb 2011.  I know that this programme is far from finished, but I just wanted to play around with InDesign and different layouts.

I know that if this was a live project that there would be more rules that the Odyssey would put in place for me to follow, for example colours, type etc.  They also would give me all the images of the different acts so this would assist me to produce better images. 

However I don’t think that this type of printed programme would work for them as new dates and items are always being added.  They could produce something saying what’s coming up rather than everything. 

I produced the programme on an A5 folded page. I wanted to use a simple layout but change it from page to page but having some items presenting over a double page, some pages had more than one show.  This was to create interest throughout the booklet but maintain the same basic layout.  You can view the PDF below, let me know what you think.