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Screenprint Sister

The work of Sister Corita Kent – an LA-based screenprinting nun from the 1960s whose inspirational work still resonates as much as ever.Large 9019494b 5b33 47d8 af31 c10c2319b4e8Large 54b8d58b dc60 442b b6b5 88078ea0d2d2Sister Corita was unusual in that as well as being part of the religious order Immaculate Heart of Mary, she was an educator, a successful artist and a strong advocate for social justice. As heading of the art department at Immaculate Heart College, she created work with mass appeal, incorporating everything from images and slogans taken from the world of advertising to song lyrics, biblical verses, and literature.

Corita’s work became increasingly political throughout the 1960s and reflected the racism, poverty and injustice which plagued parts of America at the time. While she is known for her religious beliefs, in 1968 she left the order. She carried on working and fighting for social justice until her death in 1986. By then, she had created almost 800 serigraphs, thousands of watercolors, and many public and private commissions.Large 52e493fa e059 4a1b 827e bb04ac92e6fb

Zoom in

The Beautiful Meme explore the intersection of art and science in their campaign for a new exhibition at The Francis Crick Institute, featuring type created under a microscope…

Large c4f91898 c5e6 4b6e bd66 aba22278222bLondon-based creative studio The Beautiful Meme were commissioned to create a campaign for the exhibition, and embraced a similar collaborative methodology and range of scientific techniques in their approach to the brief, crafting type using microscopy and taking inspiration from the Institute’s own research.

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Moving Brand

Cde15db5 ee61 4bbd bc98 2d9999139a90A new exhibition designed and curated by SEA tells the story of Roundel’s brand identity for Railfreight.

The confident simplicity of Roundel’s 1987 brand identity for Railfreight stands as a rare example of clean modernism created during that decade. Symbolic and restrained, it brought a striking sense of graphic clarity to the livery and paraphernalia of the then publicly-owned British Rail freight sector, using a codified system of shapes and emblems to simultaneously differentiate and unify the different depots and units within the company.C5309676 99c6 45c9 9e80 423173a0ac38Large f86a40a7 05c6 4dea 80c3 235f1a68f933


Camille Vignaud

Camille Vignaud (aka La Chambre Graphique) produces exquisite print work that you just want to pick up and stroke. With an attention to detail that takes your breath away, it’s no surprise that clients are queuing up to collaborate.

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More work can be veiwed here