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Olo Loco playful spin on classic game

London-based studio Sennep specialises in designing and building digital products for the likes of Google, Barclays and the Guardian. In their spare time, however, the team behind the studio have also carved out a niche for themselves creating a series of innovative and engaging digital games.

Developed with games publisher Rogue Games, Olo was launched in 2012 as a digital take on the traditional gameplay of air hockey, curling and shuffleboard. The studio has teamed up with Rogue Games again for sequel Olo Loco, featuring a new set of eccentric Olomojis, a new soundtrack and enhanced game modes.

True, False, or Alternative Fact?

This new card game ‘Alternative Facts’ dose not only sound like fun but it looks great as well!

“When a group of friends were joking amongst themselves about how ridiculous the concept of ‘Alternative Facts’ actually is, an idea was born. A card game. A battle between two teams to see who knows the difference between the facts and the alternative facts.” 

“To kick things off, the player with the biggest hands draws the first card and reads the statement to a player of their choosing. Simply rotate back and forth, asking players from each team if the written statement on the card is a fact or an alternative fact. Be careful of the VERY DANGEROUS ‘Trump Cards.’ Should you draw one, you may be subject to deportation, gag orders, or tiny man hands. The first team to collect 15 cards and announce “I know cards. I have the best cards!” wins.”

“Each deck of 52 cards sells for $14.92 (#MAGA). You can get a deck here.”

“A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU. (This is a private donation and not supported or endorsed by the ACLU in any way.)”