Step Into Nature with Botanical Coffee Co.

The morning cup of coffee is a sacred ritual for many people the world over. Look no further than the £20 million worth of coffee exported annually around the globe. If that’s not a convincing enough statistic, Americans drink 280.5 million cups per day.

That’s a lot of coffee, and the options are endless between massive corporations like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts offering you coffee on the go and Folgers and Keriug making it easy to make at home.

In the midst of giants, we mustn’t forget about the local cafes and coffee shops or household names that deliver unique and fun flavors.

Vendors line the halls of Fancy Food Festcoffeebag_fullsize_2.jpg

For Nathan Riley, design director of Bristol-based agency Green Chameleon, The Botanical Coffee Co. is a conceptual brand that delivers Columbian coffee beans and a variety of cold brew.

This project started as a fun way for him to improve his branding and packaging design skills. “I also wanted to create a product that I could see going to market, leaving the opportunity open for a coffee manufacturer to take it forward as a real-life product,” chimes in Riley.

As a conceptual product, Riley wanted to ensure the brand carried some real meaning behind it, which is where the idea of a coffee product inspired by nature came about. One thing led to another, and “Botanical Coffee Co.” was established alongside the visual direction to use organic patterns and colors.841ffc68848615.5b84f61518076.jpg


Torino Graphic Days, a ‘visual design festival’, shows the playful side of visual communication

This year the festival, based in the northern Italian city of Turin and now in its third edition, took place on the 11-14 October, and includes ‘workshops, performances, a graphic fair and talks by international design and illustration collectives’. Among the guests are Onlab (Germany / Switzerland), Heretic (UK), Studio Dumbar (Netherlands), Mucho (Spain, France, US) and Pentagram.


Sydney’s Dave Foster

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“A powerful visual presence is necessary for any message to survive amongst the noise of today,” proclaims Dave Foster, describing the motivation behind his work. Putting Australia on the map one letter at a time, Sydney based Foster draws typefaces and lettering for design studios, type foundries, brands and individuals around the world.

1Climb Aim To Get 100,000 Kids Climbing


There’s something so beautiful and humbling about rock climbing. The first time you ascend a wall or climb straight up without yelling take (to tighten the rope) or fall because you’ve thrown for something you can’t quite reach, is a glorious feeling. Think, standing on a surfboard for the first time and riding the wave back to shore. It’s even better when you’ve watched your skill level increase several grades over a few short months.

For Kevin Jorgeson, the love for the sport began at the age of nine when he first discovered his local climbing gym and has continued throughout his life. He even founded a non-profit—1Climb—to get kids climbing at Boys and Girls Clubs around the

Alex Trochut

Working between his hometown of Barcelona and Brooklyn, Alex Trochut’s designs are known for taking the modern notion of minimalism and flipping it on its side. Working with high profile clients such as Absolut, Coca Cola and The New York Times, Trochut’s self professed motto: “More is more” drips richly from his work.