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Only Studio creates new branding for BIRI

The new logo from Only uses modern serif forms, which were chosen to “balance a feeling of historic permanence and enduring relevance, with the unique forms of the ‘I’s inspired by the Doric order that has influenced so much of the region’s architecture,” says Only co-founder and creative director, Matthew Tweddle.

A new marque was also created, which aims to form a “symbol of collaboration and connectedness”. This is formed from eight points, representative of the eight founding institutes, with a star shape created in the negative space. This references BIRI as a “leading light in arts, humanities and social sciences research,” says Only.

The new branding has helped to unite the leaders of the eight different institutes “behind a shared vision for the future”, according to Only. The studio adds: “Most significantly, the brand has inspired BIRI leadership to launch a joint bid to become a ‘Independent Research Organisation’, a move that if successful will enable the BIRI to compete with universities for research grant funding from the seven major research councils of the United Kingdom. A successful bid to become an ‘IRO’ would help to ensure the future of the Institutes for many years to come.”

Cherry blossom Stationery

My friend from school asked me to produce all her Wedding Stationery for her big day. and the result was a simple Cherry blossom design across the full set of stationery.

The full set was based around the pink grey colour scheme. with an elegant formal use of typography.

Order of Service in English and Chinese

% Chocolate

Editorial photograph

“The percentage of cocoa in chocolate is a pretty reliable indicator of where it sits on the sweet to bitter scale, more so than descriptions such as milk, semisweet, or bittersweet. It’s how most customers navigate through the craft chocolate scene, hence why we have seen brands plaster their packaging with percentages. Percentage Chocolate explores how this can be done elegantly in keeping with the essence of craft chocolate.  

The answer? A circle. 

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Circles are a common occurrence in nature- the rings of a tree, nuts, oranges, mushrooms, and peppercorns-all of these flavor profiles are also found in chocolate. Chocolate has over 600 flavor compounds, and letting it melt uncovers these hidden complexities, flavors, and aromas.

Editorial photograph

Percentage chocolate creates a range of chocolate from creamy milk chocolate to dark. Milk and dark are differentiated by the use of silver foil instead of gold and a lighter selection of colors. The colors are earthy, and we toned down the vibrancy for more of a soothing effect. Purple in consumers’ minds means chocolate, so, of course, we honored that color in our line up.

ESCO coffee

The packaging for Esco Coffee is an exercise in letting your brand be fun while practicing sustainability. Available in either a plastic-free pouch or tube, the different roasts feature funky illustrated elements, which highlight various features of their origin, that compliment the brand’s uniform black top of the packaging. 

Editorial photograph

As a new local coffee shop, ESCO certainly must look different when consumers first come in contact with the service and quality of ESCO coffee products. Picked, processed, and roasted by the family of coffee farmers themselves, of course, ESCO wants to provide the best quality of local coffee brew that leaves an impression on its customers’ tongues. ESCO offers natural coffee products, planted, picked, and processed by the owner of ESCO himself so that ESCO is confident that its coffee products have a competitive value. We made ESCO packaging designs in two versions, coffee pouch for 200gr and paper tube for 100gr coffee. The ESCO packagings are all eco-green support, no plastic, and sustainable. The concept of ESCO packaging design is to convey a natural, fresh look, with a fun combination of tropical abstract patterns and color palettes.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph


The dating app’s ads highlight the issues that matter most to its users – and tell us it’s OK to choose partners based on their political views.

OKCupid’s Ask Yourself campaign tackles the subject head on, with a series of ads that tell us it’s OK to select partners based on their political leanings, their attitudes towards gender or even their views on abortion. Outdoor posters feature lines such as ‘It’s OK not to date a man who won’t vote for a woman’ and ‘It’s OK to choose to only date someone who’s pro-choice’.

Featuring artwork by Xaviera López, it was created by Mekanism and follows Wieden+Kennedy’s witty DTF ads, which offered some surprising new takes on an acronym that has become ubiquitous on dating apps.