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My top tips

Everyday we see many pieces of design from logos to leaflets. Some are good others not so good. When you type a letter or put a PowerPoint together you are designing. You choose the font, size & you decide to use an image or not. So here are my top tips for designing.

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The Wolpe Collection

The Wolpe Collection brings together a restored set of typefaces by Berthold Wolpe – the designer behind some of the most beautiful and memorable book jackets released by British publisher Faber & Faber. Spanning striking display type, roman text faces, blackletter, and little-known designs that introduce a quirky retro sci-fi flavor, The Wolpe Collection, now revived by type designer Toshi Omagari, reinvigorates the work of a man who was quietly instrumental in the world of British visual culture.

SEA’s – Made in Italy book


Europe has a fine graphic design tradition but certain countries – Switzerland, The Netherlands, and the UK – tend to predominate when it comes to coverage. And so we’re always keen to hear about initiatives that celebrate lesser known design scenes, such as SEA and Fedrigoni’s upcoming exploration of Italy’s graphics heritage. Made In Italy showcases post-war Italian graphic design by way of a show in east London and a series of monographs focussing on some of the most interesting practitioners – Ilio Negri, Heinz Waibl, Franco Grignani and Giancarlo Iliprandi. With amazing access to the Aiap archives in Milan, SEA has also put together a book for the show with the explicit aim of putting this “untapped” subject firmly in the spotlight.

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Hollywood park by Lmnop

Well, a little bit… The name of the wine comes from the original Hollywood Park stadium, once a horse racing track and social gathering spot for Hollywood’s most glamorous actors. Keeping in the limelight, Hollywood Park is set to be completely renovated into a state-of-the-art football stadium housing the L.A. Rams. And the perfect addition to any football game is quite obviously a cold can of wine in your koozie…

The can’s design reflects a vintage Hollywood Glamour feeling, without being overly literal. Here we rely strictly on typography to convey a sense of nostalgic glam. The oversized letters also hint at the iconic Hollywood sign and the black and white palette references the olden days of grayscale film. Overall the minimalist aesthetic helps elevate the brand’s look and feel, which was important since it is in a can after all.

Are you getting married?

After the royal wedding did you get engaged?

If you answered yes, I could help take away some of the stress in planning a wedding. How, employ me to design and produce your wedding stationery . Below are some of the packages I can offer but these are only an idea for a bespoke quote please message me with no obligation.

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Clever Logos

The following logos have been designed with the use of white space in mind


Not only is the Amazon logo smiling, but there’s also an arrow starting at the “a” and ending on the “z” to indicate that Amazon has everything from A to Z that you don’t need but will buy so you spent enough to qualify for free shipping.


Look directly at the sun (and only in this case, unless you want to burn your eyes out). Actually, look directly at the diamond and you’ll see it says “Sun” in every direction.


There is a cyclist in there, literally, on “Tour.” Notice how the “o,” “u,” and “R” all come together along with the yellow dot to form the image.


Caserne is a graphic design studio. They take a global approach to there work. It’s functional, coherent and relevant. Below is some of their work that inspires me.

Souk (at) Sar – Take 14

Culture Montreal

2016 Calendar

Self branding

Mylène Poisson

View all these work in more detail here.

Salt + Vine by Lmnop Creative

Already considered one of Nashville’s hottest restaurants, this gourmet market, wine bar and restaurant has all your needs covered. With the love of wine being front and center, we developed some cheeky taglines and combined them with a sunny Southern yellow to convey a playful but snarky tone. Just what you need after a long day… a little attitude and tall glass of rosé.