Eames Institute of Infinite Curiosity brand identity

The studio describes the letter as “a symbol that embodies infinite curiosity in its dynamic configurations”, able to “shift its gaze in order to observe its context, emphasise content, and carry on the Eames legacy of spirited discovery”. It’s part of a flexible design system that supports the institute’s ambition to use Eames’ design philosophy to encourage contemporary designers to solve the world’s problems.

Manual’s branding stretches across digital, physical, experiential, and editorial, with the logo displaying its more anthropomorphic qualities in motion, where it’s designed to be “always looking, always observing”. Everything is rooted in the work of the duo, with type choices and colour palettes drawn from pieces created by the pair and stored in the archive.

Eames Institute of Infinite Curiosity
Category: Brand Identity, Launch
Entrant: Manual
Design Studio: Manual
Creative Director: Tom Crabtree
Client Director: Patricia Callaway
Project Managers: Sheila Azadan, Astrid Fedel
Design Director: Frank Lionetti
Art Director: Tanner Irwin
Designers: Nathan Fyock, Daniel Surgeon, Alireza Jajarmi

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