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Celebrating the creative power of the concert poster

Creating an iconic concert poster is a tough brief for any designer. Tasked with taking the fleeting experience of live music and turning it into something tangible, a great poster design has the power to transport you back to the moment you saw your favourite artist perform.

Echo is a new book from Vermont-based music venue Higher Ground that seeks to demonstrate just how that creative magic is captured, featuring a collection of over 350 concert posters which celebrate the intersection of art and music.

Kamasi Washington

Busta Rhymes

Over the last 25 years, Higher Ground has built a reputation for identifying and attracting both rising stars as well as musical legends, often putting on more than 600 events a year.

St Vincent

Cat Power

The book is designed to look like a stack of silkscreened posters bound into a book. Inside its pages, readers will find interviews with Jager himself and Alex Crothers, founder and co-owner of Higher Ground, along with anecdotes on individual posters and a deep dive into the art of silkscreen printing.