Daily Archives: 03/03/2023

Packaging That Balances An Organic And Luxurious Aesthetic

Plantheque is a skincare brand working to preserve nature’s resources and primarily uses recycled or fully recyclable materials. The brand’s packaging is thoughtfully sleek, implementing a down-to-earth aesthetic that feels as organic as it does luxurious. The soft, natural color palette paired with mindful typography makes up a truly wonderful packaging system.

We created a bouquet of green nuances, a small forest grove, a meadow, where all the products and packaging form a verity, exciting and decorative in the bathroom cabinet and visually interesting in pictures. We placed the fantastic unique ingredient list as decoration on the front to be transparent with the ingredients to create curiosity and connect to the benefits. The name Plantheque was developed to match the concept together with descriptive names of the products setting an inspiring, easy to remember tonality completing the design expression. 

The Skin Guru Sleep Mask, The Turn Back Time Serum, etc. A symbol to complement the Plantheque logo was created for small formats as a small piece of jewelry. It is animated to bring it to life in social media and web.