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Ryvita rebrand

Founded in 1925 by John Edwin Garratt, Ryvita was brought to life when the world was a far simpler place – and consumer choice was much more limited.

The rye-based crispbread is one of those brands that many of us grew up with, but was typically viewed as as a ‘diet’ option for weight conscious mums.

Since Ryvita’s heyday, society’s relationship with health and wellbeing has shifted significantly, with a huge amount of choice springing up in the health food category. As a result, Ryvita has struggled to stay relevant in the ‘healthy alternative’ landscape.

The team behind the brand approched London-based branding agency Springetts to challenge traditional perceptions of the crispbread and reignite its relevance among consumers.

Through a combination of bold typography, accessible photography and a more playful tone of voice, the new brand looks to bring a new energy to the brand while remaining recognisably Ryvita.


INNOM colourful identity

Oslo-born convenience store concept Innom is vying to be the exception to this rule, however. Offering a mixture of goods that places it somewhere between a grocery store, kiosk and bakery, the new concept is aiming to engage younger audiences in the Norwegian capital.

“The new store should be tailored for those who are short on time and need to take something with them on the go. It’s not a place you do your weekly shopping, but rather a place to drop in,” says Håvard Bergo, a designer at local creative agency Try.

The agency was recently commissioned to create a visual identity that nods to the convenience store’s mission, and in particular the name Innom, which translates as ‘drop by’.

“We centred the identity around a typeface that has a distinct link to the parent brand [grocery store] Rema 1000’s round visual language, but rather than being an extension of it, the Innom brand appears like a remixed and younger version,” says Bergo.