Celebration of cinema in print

“With the magazine we’re embracing the unique properties of the print medium to explore and celebrate cinema culture in delightful and unexpected ways,” says Daniel Kasman, VP of editorial content. “We don’t have regular columns or reviews – we’re building each issue bespoke from scratch. The experience is intended to be immersive, contemplative, and surprising. It’s a magazine which we intend you to delve into, take your time with, and find a fresh and exciting way of seeing the art.”

Under the creative and art director Pablo Martin, the attention to design detail – its thick, matte cover is a lovely choice – and the abundant space given to unconventional visuals play a big part in this. The newest issue, Issue 1, seems even more playful with typography, packaging and other touches, like the electric blue accents seen across the spine and binding thread. It all feels generous and worthy of a Sunday afternoon spent poring over its pages, a pace warranted by its slower than average biannual publishing schedule. And although a print publication might not be able to accommodate moving image yet, Kasman makes a poetic observation about a magazine being “hand-animated” by flipping pages.

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