Sustainable at the forefront of Dr Teal’s rebrand

To create a sustainable packaging design for Dr. Teals, student designer Hanson Ma designed the conceptual design with customization at the forefront of the design. This gets consumers excited about their purchase, but it makes them mindful of taking sustainable steps when purchasing elsewhere. The result is a packaging system that’s colorful, eclectic, and eco-friendly, something more brands, especially beauty companies, should be conscious about evolving into their own brands.

The reimagined Dr. Teal’s is an online personal care product line that is fully customizable and is individually formulated. These products are made specifically for the user. It matches specific skin and hair types, skin conditions, preferences in ingredients, and personal goals. Customers can customize the packaging with a selection of recycled plastic materials, ceramics, as well as different paints of aluminum. Labels are also personalized with the ingredient selections and color-coded with the ingredient selection.

The primary labels are bellybands. The color of the ingredient selection is shown on the inside when you take it off. The logo is embossed on the front side with a blind emboss on the back side.

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