Daily Archives: 08/04/2022

Watercolor-Inspired Gradient For Superbloom

Designed by HATCH DESIGN, Grover Collaborative’s skincare line’s packaging is based on the powerful natural ingredients found within. As a result, the watercolor-inspired bottles instantly brighten and give a glimmer of brilliance.

Brighten, tighten, and protect your skin with some of the most powerful plants on earth. Watercolor was used to create an ethereal feel. This is meant to highlight the power of the plants to help transform the skin into one more beautiful and radiant. The bottles and containers share the same colors as their boxes. The two colors used to merge. As the material is made primarily of glass, it allows for light to pass through which gives it an inner glow. Details from product form to the unboxing experience aimed to harness the power of delight that naturally comes with a super bloom.