Daily Archives: 01/04/2022

Custom-drawn wordmark

Ryan Bugden, a co-founder of R&M, led the type and graphic design for the project, creating the Strawberry Western wordmark in Latin and Katakana. There’s three optical sizes, ensuring it works when used in display environments, as well as in small details – for example, leather debossing.

Strawberry Western is a new fashion label that describes itself as “anti-waste”. It was set up by New Yorker Kisa Sky Shiga, and focuses on handmade and one-of-a-kind pieces created using unwanted clothes and post-consumer waste and scraps. The brand appears to be in the early stages, with garments for sale in some stores in New York, but the Strawberry Western website is yet to launch.

“Japanese identity design has a formidable history in rationalised geometry,” explains the designer. “I took inspiration from many classic Japanese wordmarks and twisted the logic to fit the Strawberry Western vibe.”