Supplement based on Iodine

Medically related packaging is difficult as it’s hard to find the balance between approachable and trustworthy. Suprematika Branding Agency, however, has made the design look simple through their work for Iodine I2life. Through muted yet playful colors and straightforward typography, I2life’s packaging is polished yet friendly, ideal for a brand selling iodine supplements.

Editorial photograph

All products are packed in bright, laconic packaging, where each element has its own color, which in a very simple form describes the composition of the product. The focus is on the iodine. It is consistently embedded in various style elements – mineral names or pictograms to visually demonstrate the effect of the product. Just as smoothly and easily, due to its structure, the drug is embedded in the human body.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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