Fighting Suicide one cup of tea at a time

UnLtd is a social organization that connects the media, marketing, and creative industry with charities working with at-risk children to ensure every young Australian has the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Recently, the non-for-profit organization wanted to create a product that could help these children in ways like never before. Enter Mood; a tea made to positively impact mental health for a generation that needs it the most. 

Maud, the creative agency based in Sydney and Melbourne, Maud had to get creative to develop a tea brand for a generation that’s not typically known as tea drinkers. The vivid and playful color system helps create a dynamic identity that pulls these consumers in, and the range of expressive typography keeps them there. Each flavor and blend is descriptive of a range of moods. For example, the Sweet Lullaby is a blend of Rooibos, Licorice, and Vanilla flavors intended to calm, comfort, and relax you. The color palette for this specific blend is made up of soft blue, purple, and pink hues, featuring an illustration of a person in their pajamas watching whimsical sheep bounce through the stars above. 

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

The Sydney-based artist Elin Matilda created the whimsical illustrations featured on each of the tea’s packaging, and they couldn’t be more positively mood-altering. Each of the blends, named by Maud, include Happy Days, Get On Up, Be Kind, Unwind, and Sweet Lullaby, feature a fitting illustration on the packaging paired with perfectly descriptive color palettes. 

It’s clear that the art direction and packaging were designed with one purpose: to uplift children going through tumultuous times in a subtle yet utterly thoughtful way. As a result, each tea’s packaging shares reasons to be hopeful, with authentic stories of positive change, with all profits going towards enhancing the mental wellbeing of others.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

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