Laytown is a village in County Meath, Ireland, overlooking the Irish Sea. Inspired by this village’s location, the branding for Laytown Soda Co is all things tropical. Designed by Jack McKeon, the color palette for the drinks is cheery and bright, everything you hope to feel while by the sea. Furthermore, the t-shaped logo doubles as an illustration of a beach umbrella, furthering the seaside theme. It’s evident that Laytown Soda is a brand that’s all about influencing a lifestyle that promotes a slow pace and 100% happiness.

Editorial photograph

A student project with Creative Direction from Dublin-based illustrator and designer Conor Merriman, the hypothetical Laytown Soda Co, based in County Meath, Ireland, put an emphasis on flavour over fizz. Their drinks offer fruity refreshment without being overpowered by an excessive sparkling sting.

The logotype, inspired by Laytown’s seaside location, features wavy letterforms and the letter ‘T’ doubling as an umbrella (or parasol considering how changeable the Irish weather is).

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

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