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Packaging as sweet as it gets

If you’ve never had the pleasure of tasting a Brookie, a brownie, and a cookie in one, you’re severely missing out. Biting into one is like biting into a piece of heaven.

The pillowy texture and the rich nostalgic flavors make for the perfect sweet treat. With branding and packaging designed by Blank Design Studio, Brookies, the Brazil-based sweets and coffee shop has created an irresistible identity system. The vibrant color palette paired with the 1950s-inspired illustrations and typeface makes for a sweet escape.

Through the positioning strategy, we identify territories and differentials to explore in the minds of already fanatical Brookies customers. The good and warm nostalgia. Guided by this concept, a vibrant color palette and the “baking good times” tagline, we created an authentic, global, urban, fun platform with a touch of acid humor brought by its new symbol, inspired by the 1950s cartoons that explored an atmosphere of cunning and malice through their exaggerated and flashy expressions. A project as delicious as the best cookies in town.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph