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GTAC’s Lab-Cultured Meat

Cultured meat may seem like something possible in the distant future, but commercially available lab-grown meat is already a reality. Late last year, Singapore became the first nation to approvesynth-meat, and Eat Just is currently serving up cultured chicken nuggets as a trial in Singaporeunder the Good Meat brand. 

Although lab-grown meat is still a novelty, agency Idea Dolls recently embarked on a concept project for a hypothetical meat line, exploring how to brand such a product to the public. Dubbed “Good To All Creation,” or GTAC, the branding features some of the unique characteristics inherent to lab-created meat.

Editorial photograph

GTAC’s branding has hints of consumer technology. There are scientific nods to comb through, and overall the tone is serious and optimistic about the future. The minimal packaging is sleek, cool, and it feels pretty darn new and shiny. The raised textures and tech-inspired colors reinforce GTAC’s science-powered products, and animal shapes get made up of smaller graphics of the same animal, another reference to the technical process of creating cultured meat from cells.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph
Editorial photograph