Daily Archives: 06/08/2021

New identity for the Alfred Landecker Foundation

The Alfred Landecker Foundation was established in 2016 by the Reimann family after they researched their ancestors’ associations with the National Socialist regime. Unsatisfied by simply uncovering their own past, the family took the lessons they learned and set up the Foundation to promote action and engagement. 

The studio says the site is designed and built around two principles: “the frailty of democracy against the chaos in the world, and a call-to-arms to build a civil response and do better”. Rather than adopt standard webpage names such as ‘About us’ or ‘Projects’, the website’s navigation aims to answer three questions: What we do; Why we exist; and Who we are. “These pages restack as you view them, to reflect how they affect each other and create a more immersive experience,” the studio explains. 

Under those headings are pages on what the Foundation does, such as Strengthen Democracy and Depolarise Debates. These topics again inspire action and are presented almost as a manifesto for the Foundation’s activities. To build a sense of how these topics connect in both confronting and thought-provoking ways, they’re also colour coded.

A mix of typographic faces are used and are occasionally set at unusual angles to heighten this sense of discontentment, plus a series of hover states also shifts content and click-throughs off-balance. The idea is to highlight the structures under threat, which is captured best in the monogram logo itself, through its “contrast of fine hairlines resisting the dominant, and heavy strokes applying pressure”.