Daily Archives: 03/08/2021

Tuft The World Branding

Designed by Lucy Price and Melissa McFeeters, Tuft the World’s packaging is as artful and playful as the tools and materials that the company sells. The color hues, illustrations, and typefaces used throughout truly make the brand come to life and inspire consumers to make the world a more creative and imaginative place.

After a full discovery phase, we created a logo suite that reflects the spirit of the tufting community and can be used in endless applications. The process of tufting was an underlying inspiration for the brand—from the custom, wavy typemark, to the repeating name pattern and grid graphic. A vibrant color palette was influenced directly from the yarn colors within the Reflect line, while the logo badges represent the wide variety of rug shapes. Hand-drawn doodles and annotations take inspiration from the creative process itself, as many rug tufters tend to be multidisciplinary artists. 

In addition to custom print materials, user guides and packaging, the t-shirts and enamel pins allow the Tuft the World customers to show off their tufting pride.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph