Daily Archives: 30/07/2021

Morag Myerscough created a ribbon of colour

The latest installation by the artist sees Myerscough turn a street canopy into a stained glass-style artwork that casts bright colours onto the pedestrians beneath.

The commission is part of the ongoing regeneration of the city, which has been named City of Culture for 2021. Titled Endless Ribbon Connecting Us, the piece is located in a canopy-covered section of Hertford Street, which has been given a drastic makeover by the artist.

Myerscough’s idea for the space began with her research into Coventry Cathedral and its stained glass windows, as well as the ribbon-weaving industry that was a key part of the city’s business in the early 1700s up until the 1860s.

As well as painting her trademark blocks of colour onto the walls of the walkway – and installing a row of trailing greenery – Myerscough has covered the canopy overhead in blues, pinks, oranges and yellows.

As the sun shines through, the installation bathes the walkway – which is a key route for people coming into the city by rail – in coloured light.