Sound Sparkling Beverages Rebrand Gives Off The Right Vibe

Editorial photograph

The economic disruption due to the pandemic created ripples across every sector. Some suffered more than others, notably in entertainment, hospitality, and foodservice. Restaurants having to close on-site dining bore the brunt of the impact, but less seen were the ancillary businesses relying on the same on-site dining, such as suppliers and purveyors. Sound, a sparkling beverage company, was one of those firms.

Primarily focused on the foodservice industry, Sound saw their monthly sales drop from 6 to 4 figures in March 2020 and were faced with shifting its business to e-commerce and retail. As part of the change, Sound refreshed the brand and the packaging to stand out in retail.

Editorial photograph
Before and After

The previous packaging was attractive but restrained. Sound’s cans and labels have just enough color to stand out in a cafe cooler but perhaps too reserved to grab consumers’ attention in the crowded sparkling beverage space. The previous visual identity broke out a lot of the label space with stark and contrasting boxes with ingredient labels and graphics. 

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

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