Daily Archives: 23/04/2021

Even Superheroes need saving

The new ad, directed by George Hackforth-Jones for the charity Duty To Care, which provides mental health and wellbeing support to NHS workers, intends to remind people that ‘even superheroes need saving’.

We may have clapped for the carers and dubbed them superheroes, but, as this ad highlights, after over a year dealing directly with the ill and dying in the pandemic, they may be in dire need of more support themselves.

The charity Duty To Care was set up last March by a doctor’s wife and aims to provide immediate, free support to NHS workers struggling due to high pressure at work via online sessions with psychotherapists, CBT therapists, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition experts and personal trainers. 

To help raise awareness of the charity for those seeking support, as well as encourage donations, George Hackforth-Jones (who is a creative at ad agency AMV BBDO as well as a director) has created this film, which he hopes will highlight what NHS staff have experienced in the pandemic.

Writer/Director: George Hackforth-Jones
DOP: Chris Clarke
Editor: Quin Williams
Music by Deborah Williams