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Moja Cooking Kits Are Black And White And Radiant All Over

There’s a particular power that comes with a black and white package design. It serves as a look of confidence as the design’s beauty isn’t distracted by color. Moja Cooking Kits are travel-sized tubes stoked full of flavors. Each spice’s label is designed with the flavor profile in mind, blending your taste and visual senses. From ginger’s wavy aesthetic to black pepper’s spotted look, if you’re ever in a pinch, this kit packs a punch.

Editorial photograph
Together we wanted to express flavours in shape and texture and not confuse the packaging with dozens of colours associating blue for salt and red for chilli. The black paint illustrations directly depict the taste profile of each spice or herb. 

Sometimes we used the actual ingredient to express its contents. Pouring abstract lines of olive oil, playing with powdered paprika or making ink prints from whole spices like Black pepper or Cumin kernels.
Editorial photograph
Editorial photographEditorial photograph