McDonald redesign packaging

McDonald’s has teamed up with independent design agency Pearlfisher to redesign the brand’s global packaging system. The focus is on a bold graphics system that aims to “bring a sense of joy and ease”, and uses vector style illustrations to represent different items on the fast food chain’s menu. 

Pearlfisher has ambitiously designed a “single visual framework for the brand’s portfolio of products” by highlighting hero ingredients on the packaging, to create something instantly recognisable to its customers. 

On the Big Mac sandwich box, for instance, layers of the famous burger are captured in a cartoonish cross-section, the McMuffin wrapper is simplified with a big yellow yolk in the middle of a crinkly white background and, although the fries packet remains relatively similar in its red and yellow colourway, there is now the addition of pointy fries on the inside of the box.

Sia says the team tried to bring personality through simple illustrations to allow the packaging to be functional, easy to identify, aesthetically minimal and emotionally joyful. “Everything in this system has a purpose and helps activate McDonald’s’ brand positioning to make delicious, feel-good moments easy for everyone,” he adds.

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