Skincare Packaging

The design for Woodlot Skincare puts the relationship we have with the world on display. Utilizing a striking sans-serif typeface that is both earthy and modern, as well as jewel colors highlighting the variety of nutrients this world provides us, Woodlot is a decidedly feminine skincare line that doesn’t alienate the consumer who loves skincare. My favorite design element has to be the flecked patterns on the side of each product variant, a beautiful reminder of everything that makes up the Earth and allows it to give back to us.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Arithmetic’s packaging program for Woodlot Skincare is an ode to this love story. One of patience, of whole love for the earth and in that, self-love. The myriad of metallic fleks and muted jewel tones adorning the boxes are inspired by Mother Earth’s jewelry box of minerals and stone.

A personal conversation written about a woman’s journey from the vanity of human desire to the purity of self love. In a world of heavily marketed cosmetic and skincare brands on perfectly adorned models, our idea of beauty and youth can be skewed, even when we claim to have a healthy reflection of what we see in the mirror, the inner critic speaks loudly at times.

Editorial photograph

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