Treat Yourself With diptyque’s

If you’re into fancy candles—and you should be—the name diptyque is top of mind. 

From queens and kings like Bey and LeBron, the Paris-based scent experts have satisfied clients with coveted and renowned candles for 60 years. With six decades of delivering the highest quality scented essentials under their belt, the fragrance house has now released a commemorative series of candles celebrating their graphic and olfactory legacy in a striking collection worthy of the French firm’s heritage.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

diptyque’s Graphic Collection includes a series of four classic scents – Berries, Fig Tree, Tuberose, and Roses, with throwback labels and geometric designs that are just as hypnotizing now as they were 60 years ago. Thousands of laid-out lines in different kinetic patterns dance around the organic flame when the candle gets lit for a transcendent, multi-sensory experience. The marrying of fire and graphics change depending on your vantage point, creating infinitely new occurrences for those discerning enough to light the very best.

Editorial photograph

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