A bright redesign for Sweden’s convenience store chain

Editorial photograph

We’re loving the bright and inviting design for the biggest convenience store chain in Sweden, Pressbyrån. The warm earth grey paired with the sunny yellow remind us of the earth and the sky, and are not busy enough to distract from the beautiful illustrations of people living their life underneath a golden orange sun. The illustrations represent every-day people doing every day tasks like flying a kite or delivering the mail, small reminders that life happens in these moments.  The way the illustrations interact with the colors as if they’re land is the beautiful marvel of the design. 

We at Super Tuesday design agency in Stockholm have created a new bold yet sweet design for Pressbyrån’s disposable On the Go-material. Pressbyrån is Sweden’s biggest convenience store chain and needed an updated after 5-6 years of the same look.

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Super Tuesday created a design concept infused with Pressbyrån’s DNA where we wanted to capture people on the move that in a playful manner interacts with the big hero, “the sun”– taken from the logotype. By creating small illustrative figures, and placing them together with the eye-catching Pressbyrå-yellow sun, we ended up with a bold, modern and strong design. All material was changed to more environmentally friendly alternatives, as this is an important matter for Pressbyrån (and should be for everyone). The new design was launched in Feb 2020.

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