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Editorial photographEditorial photographPHYX’s branding and visual identity, developed with help from agency FuseboxWest, are designed to appeal to the modern cannabis consumer who is more interested in cannabis’ effect on wellness, with a contemporary and luxe bottle design that is stylish and shows little sign of it being an infused drink. This gives the impression that Phyx is a premium bottled water.Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“VOSS bottles have a distinctive shape with brand equity that consumers associate with higher quality than traditional water bottles,” says Dan Gardenswartz, Chief Financial Officer of Spherex. “By choosing a similar shape and look, we wanted to leverage the feelings of quality already associated with VOSS to show the consumer this product is different.”

“The product design is more similar to wellness-focused CPG than typical cannabis fare,” Dan adds. “We wanted the packaging to be unlike any other product a consumer would see in a cannabis dispensary. Whether it is just a single bottle or [it’s] one of our four-pack boxes, when PHYX is standing next to other cannabis-infused beverages, it stands out.”Editorial photograph