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Penagram helps sparking water

Editorial photographPentagram took a colorful approach with a rounded and organic linear pattern as the base for the logomark. The design found inspiration in the natural ingredients that comprise the sparkling water, as well as the brand’s name, creating a virtual wellspring of CBD goodness. The cans are only partially draped in color with the top and bottom exposed, showcasing the naked, natural aluminum.

The linear art is extensible and expressive, and that versatility gets used to exceptional effect in their promotional materials, packaging, merchandise, and social media. The line pattern can also get molded to almost any shape, in countless color palettes while giving off a chill, retro vibe that’s on-point for a CBD-infused brand.Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

7 Brothers Brewing

Today, Seven Brothers (stylised as Seven Bro7hers) has taken its unusual business formation and run with it in terms of the concept behind its zingy new branding. The refresh was led by Manchester-based creative branding agency Creative Spark, and centres around the idea of the lucky number seven.

Creative Spark wanted to ensure that the cans stand out on the shelves, and key to this was a vibrant colour palette that helps to distinguish them from other brands. “We did some initial research with [insights agency] Humanise into what new and current customers wanted from the Seven Brothers brand,” Marra says.

The insights informed the brighter approach to the palette, though the brand still maintains its original core colours of black, white and yellow too. “Crucially the colour combos had to stand out on the shelf, and the colours also make the flavours recognisable to the customer while enabling us to have some fun with packaging.”

Key to developing recognisability was the prominent use of the number seven, which is presented in different yet uniformly punchy 3D typefaces across the product variants. “The unique sevens we created allow each can to have its own look, but will still be recognisable as a Seven Brothers can,” says Marra.

It’s an unusual approach to alter what is essentially a logo across a product range, particularly for a nascent brand. However, it certainly feels as though the seven is locked down as a core emblem, giving the brand room to breathe in terms of the type choices.New cans designed for Seven Brothers breweryBrand guidelines for Seven Brothers brewing co.Seven Brothers beer brand update


Editorial photographArfa was set to release HIKI, their first line of personal care products, designed to decrease the effects of sweat. The bold and minimal range includes an anti-chafe stick, antiperspirant, deodorants, and wipes. arfa is a company that brings together a collection of diverse people to develop vegan and cruelty-free products that don’t just cater to “normal” people. Editorial photograph

Lockdown postcards

Art Director Victoria Rosselli and Creative Robyn Frost are asking people around the world to share photos from out of their windows, in a bid to reframe how we see our homes under quarantine.

Images are then given a custom type treatment and repurposed as holiday postcards – something that, for many of us, are now a dim memory. So far the pair have received images from Edinburgh, Dubai and Honolulu which, with a bit of typographic help, have taken on a new lease of life.

It’s an uplifting project that reminds us that people around the world are all stuck in the same situation.

It’s also encouraging to see design being put to use to cheer us all up – and maybe even help us realise that however boring the view from our homes might seem, it still has its own unique charm.

Tweet your photo to @robynhfrost or @vctriarsslli to be part of the Greetings from Lockdown project