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These boots are meant for walking

Editorial photographFor Canadian Tracey Sloga, the struggles of keeping her fashionable boots clean were all too real. After one particularly bad winter, she set out to create a solution that would be easy-to-use while keeping her shoes, boots, and other leather products such as handbags looking good for longer, using all-natural ingredients. Her company Boot Rescue now makes a line of products that includes protective waxes, spray cleaners, and wipes.

“If you were to take a brand new pair of leather boots and walk straight from the store home in them, through slush and salt, and then leave it to dry and soak into the leather, there’s a good chance that the leather would buckle and possibly discolor,” Tracey says. “Yes, even after that one wear.”

“So if someone wasn’t doing anything to care for their footwear before, using BootRescue products could extend their life by many years,” Tracey adds. “This would mean spraying boots when new, waxing from time to time, and always wiping salt off as soon as possible with the wipes.”Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph