Totm redesign

Editorial photograph

TOTM wanted to be a disruptive femcare brand that stops you dead in your tracks when you see them on the shelf. So, for their redesign, they turned to Marsden/Mee to pump up the volume with these gloriously executed patterns.

“TOTM makes awesome, organic sanitary products for women. Right from the start, TOTM set out to be a disruptive brand, aiming to change the attitudes and behaviors of its target audience. We were initially brought on board to undertake a brand review and look at how the overall identity could better represent the mission and values at the heart of the brand.

The TOTM packaging instantly communicates the key aspects of the TOTM brand proposition: organic, bold, proud. It challenges conventional stereotypes of what an organic brand should look like, using vibrant color combinations and contrasting patterns inspired by shapes and patterns found in nature. Individually, each product is distinctive, and, as a collection, it has stand-out shelf-appeal. The packaging is designed to drive new online dialogue between TOTM and its customers, intentionally bold, and suited to social sharing, making a powerful statement about the values and attitude of the person sharing it.”Editorial photographEditorial photograph

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