Daily Archives: 24/03/2020

Women’s ad

Its latest campaign also addresses the topic, using a print ad in the new issue of Vanity Fair to illustrate the recurring pattern of coercive control behaviours often carried out by abusers. Created by Engine, the striking ad takes the form of a colourful, patterned graphic, which on closer inspection reveals hidden messages of abuse.

“In this difficult time awareness of the work Women’s Aid does is even more crucial, especially as some people will now be forced into isolation with their abusers,” says Engine creative director, Chris Ringsell. “This creative execution highlights the menacing form of abuse that is coercive control, a pattern of repeated, controlling and abusive behaviour.”

Laurence King’s self-help career cards

Thankfully, publisher Laurence King’s got all the confused creatives among us covered with its new set of career-oriented, self-help cards.

The publisher enlisted the help of author and University of Brighton principal lecturer, Gem Barton, to bring the set of 50 cards to life.